Thursday, December 22, 2005


Christmas Question #11

I'm very quickly running out of ideas for Christmas questions. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I only need two more as I doubt I will be posting any on Christmas day.

If you could spend one Christmas anywhere else in the world where would you chose? There are two places I would chose. The first is Iceland. I've heard that they celebrate Christmas in a big way there and would love to see it (at least I think it was Iceland). The second is Australia. It would feel strange but I would like to see Christmas celebrated somewhere hot.

I did some more work on CW. I haven't touched anything else in the last week or so. I am coming along with it pretty quickly and I think my end of January goal is now achievable. I'll have another update photo for you for tomorrow which will be the last one before Christmas probably. I am in two minds as to whether or not to join in Carols mirabelia SAL. It starts in January and there are a few mirabelia deigns I would like to stitch. But if I do I might find myself ignoring CW. I'll think about it over Christmas.

I am still reading away although I haven't posted any book reviews in a while. I'm still on the fairy tale theme. I have ordered a few books related to fairy tales which should arrive after Christmas (my Poirot books are arriving after Christmas too). My reading has been a little slow of late and have stayed up a few nights to try and catch up. Which is why I have been so tired of the last few days. I have some books on loan from friends which I want to get back to them. I'm also still reading the Chalet school books which I am still finding very addictive. If anyone knows of any school stories other than Chalet, Enid Blyton and Anne Digby I would love to hear of them.

Well, I'm behind in my blog reading, so haven't been keeping up with your questions very well.

But, to answer #11... the first thing that popped into my mind was Disneyworld. I love watching their annual Christmas parade and think it would be great to be there, just once. Other than that, I really prefer to be wherever my loved ones are.
I guess the top would be in England. My family orginally came from there generations ago. Though with my luck I'd end up in Folkstone. That and I have a slight interest in the Victorian Era christmas themes. Warmer...hmmm, too many places, Nevada,Disney,Australia would be differant altogether wouldn't it....
Christmas means I would want to go to Faroe Island, that's where my 2nd sis is and they sure have alot of snow there. I want to make snowman, snow angel, snow fight. I want to know what it feels like to be cold in snow and get wet. Blue lips and really cold. Spend time in front of the fire place, eating hot cocoa while I watch snows falls.
Like Flosslady, I think it would be Disneyworld or even Disneyland Paris (I have quite simple tastes) with my DH, kids, parents and bro and his wife. That would be great!

I have answered question 12 before, and I forgot to say how impressed I am with your CW. She's gorgeous, and I'm sure she'll be finished very fast... You can be very proud of this achievement. Also, thanks for posting a pic of her as she should be when finished. I keep thinking she'll be finished in no time... almost!
Take care!
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