Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Christmas Question #2

I just want to thank everyone for the welcome back. It's nice to be back!

After asking a Christmas related question yesterday I thought that I would try and make this an on going thing until Christmas. So here is my next Christmas question. Which Christmas film do you watch without fail every year? Most people I know have a Christmas film that they have to watch and they don't feel that it is Christmas without it. For me it is "The Muppet Christmas Carol". It has become tradition for me to watch this several times in the few weeks leading up to Christmas. I can't imagine skipping it and I can't imagine becoming bored of it.

Ann, I got those angels from a cross stitch magazine a year or so ago. They are supposed to hold letters but I didn't leave enough space for it in the first one. The colours were also supposed to be pastel but I changed that too. Not sure what year or which magazine it was.

I never had a chance to have a tape of it, but "Young Lord Fauntleroy" is one of my Xmas movies. More recently, "Beauty and the Beast's magical Christmas" has become a must. I know the cartoon "Rudolf the red nose reindeer" with Paul Mac Cartney's music by heart thanks to my DD. Generally speaking, all Xmas movies are current here. "The Santa Clause" is coming next...
Great idea, these Xmas questions! I love that!
Take care!
What about Sissi? the series always comes out on the telly every year?
I don't know, Christmas is a time for the Disney movies... any of them ;)

But I want to see King Kong this year at the cinema... Dinosaurs and Jack Black, what more can we ask for?
I don't have it on tape or DVD, but I try to watch It's a Wonderful Life on television every year. I also love to watch the Peanuts Christmas special, and the Rudolph special that has Burl Ives.
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