Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Christmas Question #3

Okay, this questions is fairly similar to yesterdays. I know many of you are readers out there so what are your favourite Christmas books? Do you make a point of reading them each year? My favourite is hardly original. I love Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". I usually make a point of reading it every year too. I also like Jostein Gaarder's "The Christmas Mystery" although my copy of it has went missing. Every year I say I am going to look for a new Christmas themed book to read but have yet to do it. Something always crops up. This year my Christmas reading has went out the window thanks to being away. I am still in the middle of reading a few books and I don't see myself getting them finished before Christmas.

I'm sure everyone knows of Kim and her stitching husband. Well now her husband Greg has his own blog too.

Thanks Lili for answering my Christmas questions. :)

I don't have any particular book that I read each year. Especially since I have such a broad range of likes that it's a bit hard to keep up at times with everything else.
I don't read special Xmas books, but I always try to keep one I really want to read for this time of year, as a special treat. I choose it not too evil (avoiding black mystery books that I most appreciate). This year, I have kept the latest Harry Potter... Yummy!
Keep going! Great questions, great idea!
Take care!
Hi Karen. Nice to see you back. Nothing special happened for Doctor Who's 42nd on TV although the box set came out 2 days before.

The CiN scene ran to just under 7 minutes beginning with a recap of Rose defeating the Daleks and the regeneration. Then it's a 2-hander aboard the TARDIS during which the Doc becomes unstable and ends up setting the ship on a crash course for Rose's housing estate...

Looking forward to the Xmas special too. The interior of the Sycorax spaceship was shot not far from here at Clearwell Caves. The TARDIS landing looks spectacular in the trailer.

To answer your Xmas questions, The Railway Children has always been the movie I watch at this time of year though, more recently, I always look out for Patrick Stewart's version of A Christmas Carol and not just because of Star Trek! I liked him before he was cast as Picard.

It's difficult to find the time to read at Xmas but I keep meaning to read the children's book A Box of Delights and that probably is because I remember Patrick Troughton in the TV adaptation as well as the glorious Xmas Carol Suite used for the theme tune!!
I have no Christmas book. But I read Harry Potter, the 3 first books one Christmas holiday... I think it's the last holiday I spent at my parents, and there weren't anything to do, si I read one book a day !

I usually don't have much time to read this time of year anyway...

Lili, only read half of the last HP, or it will ruin your Christmas !!!!
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