Thursday, December 15, 2005


Christmas Question #4

What is the one thing on Christmas day that you can't live without (basically it wouldn't be Christmas without it)? First of all my family. I can't imagine spending Christmas day without them. Especially my sister. We are close and both just as equally nutty about Christmas. It would be weird spending Christmas away from them. I'm sure I will have to do it eventually but it just won't be the same. I actually have a second answer to this one and that is Turkey. I'm normally pretty adventurous when it comes to food. Willing to give just about anything a go once. When it comes to Christmas dinner though it has to be Turkey. There have been a number of times my parents have thought about having something else and I always fight against it (so far I have one but I'm sure I will lose eventually).

Thanks again to everyone who has been answering my questions, I have really enjoyed reading your answers. Harry Potter definitely has a Christmas feel to it and I will have to read "A Box of Delights".

Everyone who has visited Lili's blog will recognise this. When I saw her stitching this freebie design I couldn't help but stitch it too. I stitched this in the same red as the little angels dresses. I also used metallic gold to brighten it up a bit and added a little stocking charm. I had wanted to use a Santa charm but all the ones I had were a little too big. I used sparkly white aida for the fabric. To be honest I prefer the colours Lili used but I decided to stitch this for my mum and her favourite Christmas colours are red and gold. I plan to attach this to a cushion as soon as I find one the right colour and size. I realise I could make one but I'm not that adventurous. Unfortunately the link to this free design doesn't seem to be working but I will post it anyway.

I also did a little work on CW yesterday but not enough to give a progress pic.

There's a strange thing about those links... When you give them on a site or blog, they finally become invalid for a while. It certainly has stg to do with the number of people visiting...

How great you stitched this design too! I'm so happy to see how much we share tastes... You chose great colours! I plan to stitch a second one with red thread, the same brand: silk, one on one and variegated... But mine hasn't changed a bit for the moment... This design's a treat, isn't it? Now I'm interested: how do you intend to finish it? I've never made any cushion either, but I think that, with a proper fabric, it will look great. The point is to find the fabric...

Now, off to your Xmas question: I always keep the best for the end...
Like you, Xmas wouldn't be Xmas without my family, meaning my DH and kids, and my parents and bro. I still have my grand'mas, but as they are very old, they can't always come for Xmas, and it's always sad...
Turkey is the one thing I want to eat and, like you, I insist on it every year. They tried some "chapon" once, and they were deceived, so now, I know it might not change: turkey's the good old Xmas meal...
Also, a Xmas tree is a must. Some people don't make any, can you imagine that?! I had to threaten my mil to not go to her place for Xmas if she didn't make an effort with it... I'm not asking for stg big, but how can my kids believe in santa's visit without a Xmas tree?
Great question. Keep asking...
Weird. It says 0 comment, but mine displays when I click. It's a chance: I thought it had all got lost! I'm enough motivated to say it all again, but the first throw is always the best...
I did post but internet decided to hang on me and here I am back again.

I don't celebrate Xmas but one thing that I can't do without at Xmas is carolling. If anyone can play the piano, I'm all geared up to sing.

Your stitched noel freebie is so beautiful. I like the colours that you choose, you even have the stocking charm. I'm sure your mum would be happy to receive them.
now I want to stitch that design too ! You are both wicked... ;) no, it's me really.

On Christmas day, I don't really need anything. We celebrate Christmas eve, and that's enough family/diner time... I'd rather spend time with my man.

Now am I boring.... But I wouldn't spend Christmas alone I guess...
I've wanted to stitch Noel since I first saw the pattern online. Seeing Lili's and yours only makes me want to start it right now. :)

As for the Christmas Q... I never really thought about it. I enjoy visiting with my family during the holidays, and *love* all of the decorations, so I guess those are the things that I need for the holidays. What I could live without is all the holiday stress and feeling like I have to do certain things.
I love your version too,I am sure your Mum will love it.
I'm not sure if there's anything I couldn't do without on christmas. I could give a better list of what I don't want to have. Seriously though, besides thanksgiving this is the only other time what little remains of my family gets together. I don't see half the people the rest of the year. So I guess I'll go with family.
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