Friday, December 16, 2005


Christmas Question #5

I thought of this questions thanks to Zohrah's answer to my last question. So thank you.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? Feel free to give more than one answer to this one if you have one. I have a few but Zohrah mentioning caroling reminded me of this one. In the last few days of school before Christmas not much work really ever got done. There were always one or two teachers who pushed their classes to nearer the end of term than some of the others. Music class wasn't one of them. They were preparing for the school concert and exams so we were basically left to make our own entertainment. The only people left in the class at this point was myself and my group of friends. The rest of the class had started their Christmas holiday early. It's one of the reasons why we were left on our own, I don't think we would have been trusted if there were more of us. We were left in the school theatre where the concert was being held and it was all set up with a piano at the side. One of my friends played the piano and we were able to get her to play some popular songs that we began to sing along to. This room was right next to the gym and our PE teacher heard this and came through. We thought that we were going to be told to be quiet and behave. Instead she had our friend play Christmas Carols which we all sang along to. I remember how disappointed we all were when that hour was over and we had to move on to the next class. I have lots of favourite memories of family but this is my favourite involving my friends.

Thanks again to everyone for answering these questions. I have really been enjoying reading your answers. Also a big thanks to Lili who mentioned it on her blog. I would also like to thank you for your lovely comments on Noel. I hope that those of you who mentioned wanting to stitch it too do as it would be good to see what others come up with (again thanks Lili for the link to the chart).

I don't have one particular memory. Generally speaking, as a child, I loved celebrating Xmas at my mother's parents', in particular when my cousins -who lived far- were there, which wasn't very often...
Strangely, on Xmas day, I generally feel a little sad because it means that it's almost over... I prefer the joy of anticipation.
Besides, I have a high idea of how Xmas should be celebrated, with love and tolerance and such. My -beloved- mom is the queen of dirty gossip, which I hate, but it really drives me mad at Xmas. Don't ask about our worst memories: I finally got angry at her for gossiping on my favourite aunt...
I really wish I could sing Xmas carols with others (although I'm a very bad singer -sing like a saucepan-) but nobody seems to know any, or it's Holy Night -in French, and I'm not a religious person, and it's hard to sing it anyway, as I have a low voice!!!
Keep going, Karen! I really love reading your opinions, and other stitchers' too!
Take care!
Favorite memories? Geesh, these questions are getting tough. I guess the fondest one would be when dad (didn't know it was him at the time)dressed up like Santa and came by the apartment with a big sack of toys. (my parents were divorced when i was really young) My sister and I thought it was so cool to have had the chance to thank Santa for all the wonderful toys.
It is fun to read all your wonderful memories and other stitchers too.
I was in the convenience shop this morning looking for breakfast and found candy cane. When I saw it, my mind goes to you and your Xmas questions. I love candy cane...any flavour is good but peppermint is always the best. And my 2nd answer to the previous question. As I can only get candy cane during Xmas so it is something that can't do without. I'm like a kid with
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