Sunday, December 18, 2005


Christmas Question #7

First the comment I deleted from my last post was spam. I would never delete any other comments. Just in case anyone was wondering.

This question is slightly negative (don't worry Lili I won't ask the question you requested me not to). What is the one thing about Christmas you could live without? I can cope with most of the negative aspects of Christmas. The commercialism doesn't bother me too much as I tend not to notice it or ignore it. Also rushing around to buy Christmas presents at the last minute doesn't bother me too much as it's usually my own fault. The only thing that gets to me is others who take out their misery and frustration out on everyone else. I work in retail and you still get the exceptionally nice customers who are patient and wish you a merry Christmas as they leave the store. Then you get the ones at the other end of the spectrum who are having a bad day and feel that it is only fair to take it out on you or your staff. There seem to be more of them at this time of year than at any other and they are all ready to start shouting over the littlest things. I could live without that very easily. Still I don't let it get my Christmas down and the lovely customers do make up for it.

Speaking of Christmas shopping. I got most of mine done yesterday. This is very last minute for me but I left it late because I was away. I spent most of the rest of the day wrapping and then finishing writing out Christmas cards. I had a fun day and the two gifts I was worried about my family assured me that they people receiving them would love them. I just have a few bits and pieces to get and I can get them at work. Next year I will definitely start earlier just in case I have to be away again.

I had planned on doing some work on CW but I was exhausted after all the shopping and wrapping. I ended up just going for a hot bath and then to bed. Will do some over the next few days so hopefully there will be an update soon.

Well you already answered with my typical...commericalization. Last minute things, well that's me all year round so that doesn't usaully bother me any more than it did for so&so's birthday. The only other thing I can come up with may be a part of the commeralization. (Warning this is a bit negative.) Which is the "get me, I want"s. Two years ago, I stitched design on a sweatshirt and got an oh nice. Got a bit better when told it was hand-stitched. But still got well why didn't you buy me this? (Answer, no one gave me any lists and I'd been working on prezzies all year)And it isn't the first time it's happened. Maybe it's just me, and I'm being too harsh. Sorry Kathy, if this is a bit too much negativity go ahead and delete this. I won't be offented. It's just that comments on gifts of that nature tend to really drive me crazy. Christmas seems to be a buy, buy world, or at least it seems to be the majority of my little corner.
Poor Bastet! Some people just don't deserve thoughtful gifts, do they? Some people, really, seem to place the value of the gift in money rather than in the thought and attention. I definitely could do without those people.
Karen: I understand very well what you mean about bitter customers passing their nerves on people courageously working -often too late- until the last moment before Xmas... This is very stupid, as they won't get any relief from such behaviour anyway... just spoil your own day...
As far as I'm concerned, I could very well do without having to see all my family and my DH's in a very short time, and exchanging gifts and eating all the time, and having to prepare complicated dinners which drives me mad out of stress... And at the same time, I couldn't do without my family on that day. Well, I guess this means I could do without my DH's family... Not very rational nor original, ain't it?
Looking forward to the next update on CW! Take care!
I agree on the commercialization thing. You know, the "show them you love them this many $$$ worth" advertisements-- as if the $$ you spend determines what you think of a person. Sheesh! And I could do without all of the holiday pressure to do way too much shopping, spending, baking, whatever.

I also hate the added pounds that I pick up from eating too much holiday goodies. LOL
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