Monday, December 19, 2005


Christmas Question #8 & CW

Bastet, I would never delete your message. I understand completely where you are coming from. I wouldn't be too happy if someone asked my why I didn't buy them something else after spending time making their gift. Plus the question itself was negative.

Wow, just under a week of these left. Have you created any Christmas traditions with your own family and if so what is it? We have a few. I have tried to create a tradition of doing something on Christmas Eve but that always falls flat due to people working different hours. One tradition we have kept going is my mums birthday. Her birthday is on Christmas day. Before we exchange Christmas gifts my mum has her birthday. We all give her her birthday presents and wish her a happy birthday. I know a few people who has their birthdays that day too and it gets pushed aside because it is on Christmas day. So we try to make the day feel that little bit extra special. Plus we always get her a birthday cake despite all the mountains of food. Christmas would actually feel a little strange without it now.

I finished with the metallic gold on the swirls of CW dress. And I have made a start on the gold trim. If I keep this up I will definitely reach my goal of finishing the trim for Christmas. Finishing the metallic gold though really makes a difference. I like the way it looks (although it shines more brightly in real life than it does in the photo).

We have loads of small rituals at home for Christmas, but the cutest one -almost inexistent in others kids' homes in France as their eyes shine when I mention this- is to leave cookies and milk for Santa (although my DD says coffee would be more appropriate) and carots or apples for his reindeers. So the kids do it before they go to bed, even my DS seems to believe in it as he fights to place the cookies although he's no longer a true believer.
And the point is to impede the dog from eating it all, leave traces of Santa's coming... This is the 1st thing they check on 25th, even before the gifts!

I love the tradition that you have established with your mom's birthday... I don't think I would like being born on that day... So it's very important that you separate the two events!

CW is turning real great! She is so elegant! What's left to do?
its great that you treat your Mum's birthday as separate from Christmas - i do feel for people who have their birthday on that day. My birthday is very close to Valentines day & I get so grumpy with all the valentines stuff on MY day!!
our tradition is to open one present at midnight on christmas eve - we're always up so late on that evening wrapping presents its nice to have something to cheer us up.
Wow Karen you have been a busy girl, well done hun on the gold finish, I have just recently started on mine, will do more tomorrow hopefully.

Hugs xxxxx
I don't have any chrismtas traditons now, the family is so small and we don't get together much except to exchange gifts. But when my sister and I were growing up, we got to make the garland. (popcorn, Kix,cranberries etc) And Gran would scold us for eating more than we were stringing. On Christmas Eve we got to pick one gift to open. Of course we had to leave the goodies out for Santa. Unfortuanatly for my mother and Gran my sister and I had strange ideas for treats. One year,we gave milk, tuna/cheese sandwich with a pickle on the side and some celery and carrots for the reindeer.
Until my parents passed away, it was Christmas stockings. We each had one, and my parents would fill them up after I went to bed, even after I was an adult... with a mortgage. We opened our gifts first, and then emptied our stockings. They were full of candy and there was *always* a toothbrush. I miss the stockings and plan to stitch a pair for BF & I for next year.
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