Thursday, December 15, 2005


Confession time

Is it wrong that I have an overwhelming urge to read Agatha Christie novels? Fantasy and some sci fi are my trashy reads. But lately I've been wanting to add to that with the novels about Poirot and Miss Marple. I love watching Poirot and Miss Marple. I don't make a point of watching them. I just watch it if it happens to be on and I don't watch enough tv for that to happen very often. Lately though I have been wanting to read the books. The urge to read them has gotten so bad that I have given in to it and ordered two based on Poirot (as he is my favourite of the two). I initially thought that I will get one of the collections and that will be enough. The problem is I really like the way the single volumes look so I had to order them instead. I ordered two relating to Christmas, "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" and "The Christmas Pudding Mystery". Looking forward to getting my hands on them even though I already have several books on the go.

Miss Marple is my favourite: wise and humble at the same time... Poirot's pride teases me...

However, I'm a true fan of the two series! They are delighting, they make me dream...

I have read about a dozen books by Agatha Christie a long long time ago. I'm not a true fan, but some of them were really chilling! I can't remember the title, but there was one in which you realize just in the two or three last pages that the narrator IS the murderer... I could not sleep until very late that night.

Same with another one that gathered short stories. Again, can't remember the title, but there was one with a doll that would not let me sleep...

Sorry for being that imprecise...

Take care!
hello, not commented before but this is really weird i have the same feelings too about reading agatha christie, i have never read her books before, but i did take one of them out for my boy at the library but i might nick it off him and read it myself!!, take care
I used to read the Miss Marple books. But I don't find that odd in anyway, that you want to read them. They are good for a change in pace. Currently I'm reading The Hippopotamus pool By Elizabeth Peters.
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