Thursday, December 29, 2005


Geeking Out

First of all I finished watching all my Doctor Who DVD's (the new series) in the space of two days. Which left me happy but at a loss of what to watch next. I knew I should have spread it out! So I treated myself and am now the proud owner of the Buck Rogers Season one boxset. I watched the first one last night called "The Awakening". This is the story of Buck arriving on Earth after being frozen in space. I have watched this episode several times when I was a kid. I remember it being repeated quite a lot on television. I don't remember it being that cheesy. The part that had me laughing was when he got the musician at the princess' reception to play rock music. He then started dancing and encouraged the princess to dance too. It amused me anyway! These episodes are a little longer than the Doctor Who ones and there is more of them. So I plan on taking more time with them and enjoying them. Once I have collected the Buck Rogers DVD's I think I will move on to Battlestar Galactica.

Oh, forgot to say. Expect some book reviews tomorrow. I have gone through the ones I have read recently. Not that many since a great number have been Chalet school books and I won't be reviewing them.

The whole series in two days?! That's 571 minutes!! If you watched "Confidential" too that's even more!!! I see North America are getting conventional packaging when it's released in February. I think I would've prefered that.

Lis Sladen is in episode 3, "School Reunion", along with K9 and Tony Head (Giles in "Buffy", PM in "Little Britain").

I've only heard the opening episode of "Chimes of Midnight" so far but it seems to be along the lines of a haunted house story. It opens with a jam jar breaking and reforming, reusable crackers and writing names in the dust on a table.

The "Buck Rogers" episodes I remember, 'cos I used to have them on tape, are the vampire one and another with Jamie Lee Curtis. Are you going for the original "Battlestar Galactica" or the recent remake?
I bought this and season 2,they're tacky and naff but I love em !!!
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