Saturday, December 31, 2005


A Little Disappointed

Last night I was finally able to do a little stitching. Actually there were about 101 other things I could have been doing but I was determined to get a little more done. I decided to work a little on the stocking. I wanted to get the silk stitch done so that I could move onto the actual cross stitch. I don't know why but I found the silk stitch to be frustratingly boring. I'm still not very good at it which might be one reason why I wasn't enjoying it. I think the real reason though was that what I really wanted to do was the cross stitch so I could really see the pattern evolve. I didn't like not being able to get on with the sections I wanted because I had to finish all of these little fiddly bit first.

Anyway, I finally finished with it last night and although it was late made a start on the cross stitch. You can see it at the top above the lamp. I'm stitching the holly surrounding the bow. I mentioned before that I wasn't really happy that the design was already printed on the fabric. I also didn't like the fact that some of the printed would remain in sight once complete. I am now disappointed because the stitching looks gappy. The crosses are a little too large (at least they seem that way) and the white of the fabric shines through far too much. Also you can see where the printed sky (which remains uncovered) ends around the stitching. It makes it look a little blocky. I also noticed that There are crosses on parts of the fabric which are not charted. So there is going to be an uncovered cross here and there over the finished piece. I will finish it though as I have paid for it and these stockings aren't cheap. However, who do I give it to? I don't want to make another two of these for my nieces. My initial thought was to buy another three and read carefully what I would be getting (in other words to make sure the fabric is aida or evenweave and that the design isn't printed on it). I would then make those for my nieces and give this one to my friend. But then it feels like I am giving her this just because it isn't good enough for my nieces. I'm sure she wouldn't see it that way but I would still feel guilty. Either way this isn't going to my niece. I really just want to give it away to my friend so that it doesn't feel like I made it for nothing.

Isn't it possible to stitch it with 3 strands instead of 2?

If you really don't like it, why not give it to a charity and let someone else finish it? Sure these socks are expensive, but they would be useful for someone who needs it, and as far as I'm concerned,spending so much time on a project I finally don't like would turn my hobby into a chore...

Of course, that's a personal point of view... also dictated by my flu that certainly doesn't make me a fighter in anyway: I let down everything at the moment. I just want to sleep...

I wish you a very happy new year, dear Karen, full of love, harmony and personal achievement, and cross stitch projects that you will love! Come on, start this sweet Mirabilia elf...

Lots of hugs!
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