Saturday, December 24, 2005


Some Bonus Questions.

Well I am up early this morning and am able to post after all. So I thought that I would post a few bonus questions;

If you could have one Christmas wish what would it be (make it a selfish one, assume that we all want world peace and to be next to our loved ones)? I am going to go big here since it has to be a selfish wish. If I could have one thing it would be my own library. A room big enough for all my books and with plenty of space for more. A place that is cozy where I can curl up with one of those books.

After reading through all the questions that I have asked so far I was surprised to notice that I haven't asked any stitching questions. What has been your favourite Christmas project? I have enjoyed making the Christmas tree ornaments. I also really liked stitching Celtic Christmas but other than that I really don't have a favourite. I do plan to stitch some stocking next year which I am really looking forward to doing.

And lastly, what is your favourite Christmas food? I love the turkey but my real favourite is actually the chestnut stuffing. That and my mums Christmas cake.

Waiting until after Christmas to think about joining the Mirabilia SAL didn't last long. I ordered Mirabilias Christmas elf (which I fell in love with thanks to Jenn) and then joined the SAL group. Yes, I know! I'm weak willed!

Again, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I can't wait until next week when I can hear all about it. All you Brits out there remember that there is a Doctor Who episode on television tomorrow. The first with David Tennant. My inner geek couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!

Since we are making a rather selfish wish. I want to be immortal. So that more time to read, more time to cross-stitch, more time...oh did I say more time...I mean let's get my feet grounded. My Christmas wish besides world peace, abolished all war, civil unrest, natural disaster, orphans, aid, discrimination of women in Pakistan, Bangladash and so on. So my Christmas wish is to spend time with all my stitching friends on the eve as the next day which is of course another Xmas eve with their families. Take care. :)
The only 'real' turkey I have is at Burger King...Turkey burger, which of course taste yummy for another poultry.

I just remember...what happen to WCB?
Just the typical, world peace, no more discrimination (or the cry of it just because someone doesn't like the rules) Full equality etc.
Though having a bigger place to live with plenty of space for everything would be nice too.
Favorite christmas project...well I would say celtic christmas but I haven't been working on her, so maybe the ornaments and the first attempts at actually trimming them. Haven't done much else christmassy. Favorite food, same as t-day butternut squash, and what mom also made on easter, Ham with brown sugar, cloves and pineapple. I'm not a big turkey fan, though I love all other poultry.

New Dr.Who episode! If it weren't for the differances in vcrs I'd have you tape them for me. Have fun watching them, I'll have to wait to see if America or BBC America will pick them up. Doubtful but there's hope.

Happy Christmas Karen and a wonderul New Year!
My wish is to never ever lose my DH or kids. I want to be gone first.
I also wish I had the ubiquity gift so I could at the same time stitch, read, sleep... but I guess I would totally explode if I had to re-unite every night...
A bigger house in a quieter place would do fine as well.
But my first wish concerns my everyday stress that spoils my life...

My fav Xmas project was undoubtedly SanMan's ABC Joy, followed by the snowman, and the other small stuff I haven't shown yet. MC comes after, because I'm in the mood of stitching smaller projects...

My favourite Xmas food would be chocolate.

You will have to show this Mirabilia elf, I'm quite curious!

I enjoyed answering each and every of your questions, they were all great and Christmassy! Thanks for asking them, Karen! I also loved so much reading our fellow stitchers' answers!

Enjoy Doctor Who (whom I don't have the chance to know, alas)!

Lots of hugs!
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