Friday, December 30, 2005


Some Book Reviews

Before I give the book reviews Timewarden asked me how I see in the New Year and I pass this question on to everyone. I used to spend Hogmany with all my family over at my grans. It was with family we didn't get to see all that often but were still close too. I used to look forward to it for this alone. We all had steak pie and had to watch lot of Scottish TV shows such as"The Steamie", "Scotch & Wry" and the "Reverend I M Jolly". After the bells there would be singing and possibly one or two arguments amongst the grown ups (which never amounted to much). Now though we don't do much. I have gone out into town to celebrate it but trying to get home isn't so fun. I now just spend it with my boyfriend. We'll probably get take out and watch DVD's until some of the good new year television kicks in.

"Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" by Louise Rennison.

This books is written in the form of a diary of 14 year old Georgia. It is full of teen sarcasm and 'the world should revolve around me' thoughts. Typical teen girl thoughts and mischief. But it is also funny. Georgias sarcasm can be quite sharp at times. Then you find yourself laughing at the things she gets up to. There was a scene where she tries to pluck her eyebrows and it all goes disastrously wrong which was really funny.

I have spotted this book a few times when going through the kids books. I've snatched glances at a few pages and found myself laughing which is why I eventually picked it up. It's an easy read. Something you could probably read in an hour. I can see why these books are so popular amongst teen girls. However, for those who aren't in their teens anymore I still recommend it. Especially if you want a reminder of your own teen years or to have a look at what might be going on in your daughters head. Or even just to laugh.

"The Virago Book Of Fairy Tales" by Angela Carter. I read this thanks to someone who recommended Angela Carters books (I'm really sorry but I can't remember who that was. Thank you anyway). This is part of my books on fairy tales. These tales are in the words of Angela Carter but they are actually found from all over the world. And at the start of each story she tells you which part of the world they came from. I recognised a few of them. I'm pretty sure there was a snow white and a Cinderella in there. One of them was the basis for Robin McKinley's "Deerskin" which I reviewed a while back. Some of these stories were a little strange but I did enjoy them and found them to be interesting. There was a great number I had never heard of before. It was fun though trying to recognise any of them from the modern versions we know now. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in fairy tales. This isn't one for children though.

"The Fire Rose" by Mercedes Lackey. This is based on "Beauty and the Beast". A young woman is offered a job as governess. The job is too good to be true and comes along right when she really needs it. When she arrives she finds that she is actually employed to read to her employer and not to tutor two children. Finding this a little strange she decides to stay with the job anyway. Then she begins to notice something strange about the texts. They are all on the same subject, magic! Her mysterious employer eventually confides in her. He is hiding an accident involving magic which he has to keep from his enemies as they would use it against him.

I wasn't really impressed with this book. I think that I was expecting a similar pace to her other books. Like her other books she spends too long on the characters themselves and seems to almost ignore the storyline as she is doing this. It made for a good start, a good end but a very boring middle. I was almost tempted to give up on it. I do recommend it for Mercedes Lackey fans and those who want a bit of escapism. Not her best though.

No stitching over the last few days. With any luck I might get some done tonight. I wanted to do an overview of the year before the New year. But it doesn't look like I will get that chance. Will have to wait until next week.

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