Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Still Doing Christmas Stitching

Here is the update of CW I promised. I managed to get one side of the border done and made a start on the other side. I was going to do the outline of the border before going onto the other side. However, those large patterned squares were calling on me. I love working with the blues and gold. They go well together and bring out the whites in CW. The patterns in the borders are a little fiddly with lots of colour changes. But I am enjoying stitching them. I like seeing their patterns unfold. Mind you, by the end I might be telling a different story. I was tempted to do the beads as I was going along since I now have them. But in the end I decided to stick to my original plan and wait until the end. I can't wait to see what she will look like with them. I still think I will have her finished by the end of January although I am now hoping that it might be mid January. She will be my first finish of 2006 anyway.

I decided to keep going with my Christmas stitching so that I am more prepared for next year than I was this year. Every year I have promised that I will stitch some stockings for my nieces. I had a look at them and ordered one while I was ordering the Christmas Elf Fairy. Not surprisingly I fell in love with the Snowmen and have made a little start. I didn't realise it would involve different stitches. The first one it recommends you doing is the silk stitch. I had never done this one before but don't think I messed it up too much. Some of the design is already printed on the fabric. Had I known that I would have probably chosen a different one. I will stick with it though as it is going to prove to be a challenge with all these different stitches. Also I will have to use a sewing machine which I haven't done since school.

So I am back to working on a rota with my stitching. I am determined that this year it is going to work as I don't want any designs falling behind. As it is I have quite a few WIP. I will start with The Christmas Elf in the new year along with the SAL. Once CW is finished I plan to pick one of my WIP that I left behind, probably bugs.

Wow I sure do have some catching up to do with my CA, best I get my skates on tonight, going to finish a robin first tho.

Snowmen look cute too

Hugs xxxxxx
Your CW is progressing at a giant's steps! I remember reading that you were in your fairy tale period, and reading Cross stitch crazy of january (the february one was to be in shops on 23rd dec), I saw one-nighters on the subject... Did you miss it? e mail me if you'd like me to send them to you (
This stocking will certainly look great, but I understand what you mean about printed patterns...
Dinner time! Gotta go!
Take care!
oh, my! If Kathy needs skates to catch up with you on CW then I need rocket boosters or a type of quantum physics thing. But then i haven't touched Celtic Christmas in awhile. The stocking looks wonderful, sorry to hear that it wasn't quite what you had expected. But kudos for doing the stocking anyways, strange stitches and all!
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