Tuesday, January 03, 2006


2005 - 2006

It sounds like 2005 was a good year for most people and it wasn't any different for me. So many good things took place this year that I really can't think of anything bad. I just hope that 2006 turns out to be just as good.

* First of all this was a good year for work. The promotion I received at the end of the year before came into affect this year. It has proved to be challenging and I got to try out lots of different things. It has been all good!

* This was my third year of blogging and for the first time I started receiving comments from a great group of people. I now have a huge list of blogs to visit and people I keep in touch with through them. It has been lots of fun.

* Stitching wise it hasn't been my best year. My stitching took a bit of a slump as did most of my crafts. It wasn't until near the end of the year that it picked up again. I now have more WIP than I have ever had when I first took up stitching. I did make lots of stitching friends and signed up for SAL. Also got to stitch CW which is almost finished. I learned to do embroidery (well two different stitches from embroidery). My attempt at crochet though went horribly wrong).

* I have rediscovered my childhood through reading old school books. I'm still enjoying them!. This was also the year for the latest Harry Potter. Other authors I enjoyed for the first time this year were Amy Tan, Mercedes Lackey, Angela Carter, Gregory Maguire, Banana Yoshimoto and a great number of others. My favourite book of 2005 is probably "The Time traveler's Wife". I also developed an interest in fairy tales and books based on fairy tales.

* Sci Fi wise this past year was great. Saw the return of Doctor Who which was a huge hit with old fans and developed a new fan base. I really can't wait to see more! I also got to see series two and three of Blakes seven. Most of which I had never seen before! Mind you it did see the end of Enterprise but I only got to see the first two series.

I am sure there are so many more things that I could list but for the life of me I can't think of anything else.

In 2006 I hope that all these things continue. One thing I do hope is that my stitching slump of last year isn't repeated. I have quite a few projects set out for next year. I also want to pick up some of my other crafts again which seem to have slid.

Wow! I loved reading this "balance" of 2005! I was surprised to find out that, after following your blog for a few months, I was already aware of most of these things!
Your "time traveller's wife" review had drawn my attention at the time, but I can"t remember the author's name. I really want to read it now... Can you please tell it again so I don't have to look for it in your past posts?...
I am also very glad that we have discovered Stitch's Stitchy Show and also intend to visit her regularly!
Lots of hugs!
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