Sunday, January 08, 2006


Attempt at Cooking #1

I realise that this looks like some sort of pasta dish. In reality it is supposed to be minestrone soup! The problem was my reading. I poured in 250g of pasta. The recipe asked for 25g. I really don't know where I got 250g from. So lesson number one, learn to read the instructions properly. I was so careful with everything else though! I double checked it all. I didn't even like the taste to be honest with you. It was the cabbage. It asked for a lot of cabbage and I'm not a fan of it (this I did check a number of times). Not sure if I will make it again. I do know that there are lots of different ways to make minestrone so I will just have to search for one that I like. I did learn a few things from this experience though.

First of all I learned to make stock (I made vegetable stock as my sister is vegetarian and she was my first victim). I knew that my mum had made stock in the past. I remember the remains of Christmas dinner being boiled away to make stock (this was during my sisters pre-vegetarian days). What I didn't realise is that you add stock to soup every time you make it. It gives soup its flavour. Thankfully I didn't learn this the hard way. I also learned that people aren't lying when they say that chopping onions make you cry. My eyes were streaming about half way through. Lastly I learned what tomato passata was. I hunted all over the supermarket for this as I had no idea what it was and I was to embarrassed to ask. In the end I thought it must be tomato puree. But when I walked a little further up that same isle I found it. It's sieved tomatoes. Why can't they just say that? I guess I am going to find that a lot in cooking.

So my first attempt was a bit of a disaster! It hasn't put me off though! I already have plans for the next one.

Your first victim was your own sister?! My aren't we brave. I also remember my grandmother (she lived with us) boiling remains of thanksgiving or Christmas. Sometimes she'd save the juices from other vegetables and freeze them to add to the soup stock. Never paid much attention to it though, I thought it was strange.
Glad to hear that the first attempt has thrown you. And you've already learned a few things from this attempt as well. I learned the hard way that tomato paste and tomato sauce are two totally differant things. Since I've never made minestrone soup, is it supposed to be easy? Try simple, low ingrediant types for confindence building. You will improve Karen! Keep trying.
As a pasta lover, your "soup" looks delicious! lol! Seems we have the same issue reading recipies. When DH & I were dating I was surprising him with waffles and substituted salt for the sugar. Oops. lol! Good luck with your next attempt.
Well it doesn't look that bad... Honestly I think anyone could easily misread the amounts for the pasta, so call it minestrone stew! ;D I am with you on the cabbage, not a big fan here either. :) I assume that your sister is still speaking to you so it couldn't have been all bad. ;p LOL

You are not alone in the cooking learning curve, I've never cooked much and am trying to give it a go. It's just not as easy as they make it out to be on Food Network. ;D

I'm sure your next creation will be heavenly!
Minestrone? This pasta plate definitely looks delicious! lol
Keep on trying, we'll try to attend your next great dinner special for Stitchers...
I'm still looking for this timetraveller's wife... I'll try on the internet, it'll probably be easier... I must say I feel quite lazy at night, so I'd like to find a translated version, although sometimes, the original ones are easier to understand (it all depends on the translator!).
Take care!
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