Sunday, January 15, 2006


Bugs Update

I did some work on Bugs as promised. I filled in his ears and eyes. Almost sorry I did the eyes. He looks kind of sly. I am sure that will change once I finish the design and do the backstitch. I have moved onto his body and I am working on his shirt and bow tie. I am not sure if they will show until the backstitch is done because they are all in the same colours. I am enjoying stitching him again. He isn't too difficult to stitch and the chart is easy to follow which makes all the difference. I want to work on him a little more but have put him aside for mid week so that other projects aren't being ignored.

Tonight I am working on Christmas elf. Feels a while since I have stitched her. I wanted to get CW done so everything else got ignored. Then tomorrow I will be working on the snowman stocking.

I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on Celtic Winter, I don't think that I have done that yet. I also want to thank everyone who has been commenting on her as I progressed. They were really encouraging.

Hi Karen

Bugs is looking great, looking forward tos eeing more of him.

Hugs xxxxx
Bugs does look like he's up to something... better keep a sharp eye on him.
Hi Karen! Ehhh..What's up doc?? LOL I love Bugs!! He does look sly..but then again he's Bugs!! Can't wait to see more progress on him! Go Karen Go!!


Oh..forgot to tell ya I too am reading the Angus's GREAT!! :) Thanks for the great tip!

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