Sunday, January 22, 2006



It doesn't look like I have done much but I am about half done with this shade of grey. The rounded part at the bottom will become bugs hand. I'm not sure if you can tell but he has his arm resting against something. To be honest it won't really look right until the filling in is done. A lot of that will be done on the next shade. As yet I'm not becoming bored with the colours. I am just enjoying watching the rest of him appear. That and I think that the other ones I am working on are colourful. I think that helps. Anyway, no more bugs until Wednesday. Today is Christmas Elf, tomorrow snowman and Tuesday a UFO.

Not sure just how much of Christmas Elf I will get stitched today as I really want to get some reading done. I am still contemplating the idea of stitching her again in blues. I can see what it would look like in my head and I am itching to give it a go. I found a UK website called Dreamcatcher which stocks the threads. They do a sample pack which I can use to work out what shades I want to use. I already have plans for the reds I have left. I might use it for a chart that will replace Christmas Elf. More on that when I get on to it.

Juul, thanks for your comment. I used one strand of whisper for the Christmas elf. You really don't need more than that thankfully as the one strand is difficult enough to thread.

Bugs is looking goooorgeous !!!! And I like the idea of a blue Christmas elf... but would you have the patience of stitching the same design twice? I couldn't, I'm weird I guess....
Thanks for answering my question. I'll follow your adventures with Christmas Elf and the threads/colours.

Juul :o)
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