Monday, January 23, 2006


Christmas Elf Fairy

Well, I didn't do any reading last night after all. Instead I plonked myself in front of the TV. It was only meant to be for five minute. But as soon as I picked up my stitching it was fatal. I managed to give the Christmas elf hair, hat, boots and the start of wings. I would have finished the tree too but I'm not sure about using the krennik. Anyone any suggestions? Basically the chart says to use one strand. The thread however, doesn't look as through it can be divided and it looks to be much too thick to fit on my needle as it is. I am half tempted to just use good old DMC metallic instead. I've really not got that much to go. And it is tempting to just continue on her and get her finished. At the same time I want to keep going with my rota as I am doing well with it. I have managed to keep it going for a few weeks now. Also I am considering finishing the book tonight that I had wanted to finish last night. I'll see what mood I am in when I get in from work.

San, I probably wouldn't mind stitching her again since I am doing it in different colours. I probably won't do it until the end of the year so that there is a big enough gap.

I never used kreinig... so i can't help there ! But I'm all to go with your instincts and go for the DMC metallic. After all, you are responsible for the end result ;)

The elf is looking so good already ! It was worth watching tv to get closer and closer to a happy dance !!!
Aren't you doing well on this elf?!!! It's already stunning! I love its colours, I love everything in it...
I hate using metallics, but DMC's Light Effects threads are quite supple to stitch compared with their old range of metallics. I have also found out that making a loop just at the eye of the needle (then you can't loop start, it's a choice) helps keep both threads together and lie flat on the fabric. Hope my explanation is understandable...
I'm a devil: finish the fairy, finish it.... she's gorgeous...
Lots of hugs, dear Karen!
Hi Karen

No you can't split the krenik but it does fit through the needle hun honest. If you are still not sure, try the Green DMC metallic thread, it will have the same effect.

Wow you have worked really well on her, keep going she will be finished before you know it.

Hugs xxxxxxx
She's really coming along nicely! Very lovely pattern. :D
Hi Karen,

look at the lovely tree:

it realy sparkles...

Hope this helpes...
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