Monday, January 16, 2006


Christmas Elf update

Well now that my CW marathon is over I brought out Christmas Elf Fairy again as promised. I managed to get quite a bit done. Although what I have been calling a dress I am now pretty sure is a coat. And the dress is the part at the bottom I am stitching just now. Anyway I finished the pinks in the 'coat' and also managed to do the white trim. For that I got to use a lovely white fluffy thread called whisper. Somehow I had it in my head that this was for her wings. So I had to double check the instructions when I read them yesterday. I am pretty sure I used this thread for CW. However, this time round I found the it difficult to thread onto the needle. Stitching with it was fine but threading was infuriating. If I was using a bigger needle it wouldn't be a problem (hence the lack of difficulty when used on CW). Instead I had to do my best and I now only need to use it for her hat when I get to it. I am now on to the bottom of her dress and will hopefully finish that the next time I pick her up. Tonight though I will be working on my snowman stocking (the second one). Not sure what I will be working on tomorrow but Wednesday will be back to bugs who is definitely up to something!

Christmas Elf is coming along nicely. I haven't worked with whisper it worse than krienik and rayon to thread?
Hiya Karen

Snap we both worked on Christmas Fairy this weekend lol. Yours looks great hun. Look forward to seeing more of her.

Hugs xxxxxx
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