Thursday, January 12, 2006


First Finish of 2006

All the beadwork is done and Celtic Winter is now finished. I am not sure exactly how long I have been working on her but my rough guess would be six months. I was only going to work on the beads a little last night. I thought I would do one side of the border then go onto something else. When that was done I thought okay I'll do the top of the border and then go to bed and read. By that point of course I decided to just keep going. I couldn't even leave the outline of her face until the morning. The result is that I am tired but happy. I have really enjoyed working on her despite being a little bored with the colours at the start. I feel almost sad that she is finished. Bugs Bunny is next as my boyfriend has been asking about it. He's actually taken an interest!

Earlier in the day I also made this birthday card for a friend. The stamp was free with a papercraft magazine. I had bought those little jewel flowers and diamontes and wanted to use them. I used a brad to attach the flower in the centre. To be honest I am not sure if I like it and so might not use it. What I had in mind originally was to use a photo and make a scrap book page using these things. However, I didn't have a good photo of my friend and no way to get one without her being suspicious. So I made this instead. I might leave the scrapbook page idea for my sister or my mum.

Wow Karen, well done on your first HD of 2006, she looks fantastic. The card looks lovely too. I am hoping to make one for a friend who is 40 in a couple of weeks, so I best get busy lol.


Hugs xxxxxxx
Congratulations, Karen! She looks fantastic!! The card is awesome - I wish I had that talent.
Congratulations Karen! She's gorgeous. Great work on the card.
*applause* Congrats Karen!! She's beautiful!!! Well done! *doing a happy dance with ya* tra la la la....

SO what's next??? LOL

Have a good one! *hugs*
Oh Karen - she is absolutely stunning! Congratulations! You are the first in the SAL (as far as I know) to finish her - Woo Hoo!!!! I know what you mean - it can be sad when you finish a project to which you have devoted so much time :-)
She's beautiful, Karen! Congratulations :)
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