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Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone all the best for 2006 and hope that it proves to be a better year than 2005. I spent new year watching DVD's and stitching. It probably seems a little boring to a lot of people but I liked it. I hope everyone else had a good new year and I look forward to hearing how it was spent.

I decided to take Lili's advice in regards to the snowman stocking. I was already stitching with three threads so I have packed it away and I am going to send it out to someone who will want it. The cross stitch magazines are always advertising for unwanted kits needed for charity. I will just send it out to one of those. I am sure someone else will enjoy stitching it. Lili is right, there is no point in forcing myself to stitch something I'm really not enjoying. It has almost put me off stitching stockings. However, I will order another one. This time I will be more careful in what I chose. I've already had a look through. Most have the designs printed on but there are a lot of them using aida and the design area is completely covered. I'll just chose one of those.

I was able to do a little work on CW. I did a little bit more of the border and I don't have much more to go. I think that I will have finished with the squares by the end of the week and then I can make a start on closing off the border. After that I just have the beads to do. I am probably being to optimistic but I think she will be finished by the end of next week. It all depends on how long it takes me to do the beads. I don't remember it taking me too long when I was stitching Celtic Christmas. But then I think I did the beads as I was doing the border since that is where the majority of them go.
I am still enjoying stitching her but I really am looking forward to finishing. I have spent longer on this than I did Celtic Christmas.

I have made a start on Christmas Elf which is another stitch along. This is the design I am stitching for Carols mirabilia SAL. I am loving the colours already. Probably because they are so rich compared to that of CW. So far the stitching has been relatively easy. I did make one stupid mistake. I had to unpick a little at the end because when I stitching on a new thread I accidentally picked up a different colour. It was easily fixed and I am glad I noticed quickly enough. It was my own fault. I always insist on continuing stitching even when I am tired. And that's when I start making stupid mistakes. I start with another colour next which I am looking forward to.

For those of you who are interested you will find Carols SAL group here.

Hi Karen!
I wish you the best 2006!
I'am glad to see that you have decided to start the Xmas elf: she's so cute! And I can also understand that you feel like finishing CW fast: the colours are a great change for sure! But this is a wonderful gorgeous project! Will you have it framed afterwards?
I'm back from a blog named Stitch's Stitchy Show, and I was amazed to see that Stitch had found your Xmas questions on Christine Doyle's blog and answered them as well! I wonder how many people have answered your great questions without you to even know it! Ain't it great? I told you your Christmas questions were fun to answer!!!...
Lots of hugs!
Hi Karen! Lovely lovely work you have there!!! I'm not brave enough yet to attempt a Celtic Winter or any of them for that matter. LOL I mean I've been working on a very simple piece Happy Everything for nearly 2 years! :) But she is coming along beautifully!!

I see Lili has already written you..I apologize for not linking back the original questions to your blog..I linked it from Christine's blog. I am new to the whole blog scene and still working out the kinks...but I too did answer your Christmas questions..well the first 12 anyway. LOL

Have a great day!

Happy STitchin!


Oops...forgot to add...



OMG you are very close to a HD hun, I have a way to catch up with you. Looking forward tp seeing more updates on Celtic. I have start Christmas Elf too, done about the same about as you over 2 evenings. Will post a piccy soon.

Hugs xxxxxx
ooo! So close Karen, get those shoes out and clear a path, the HD is about to get you. Too bad about the stocking, though hopefully it'll go to a good home.
Happy New Year, Karen. I saw the New Year in with my parents and, as usual, dipped in and out of Jools' Hootenanny. From that show I recorded the Goldfrapp songs. Last year it was Ian Hunter but I made a better job of it this time round!

All the best for 2006!
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