Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I Was Good!

Yep, I was a good girl and stuck to my rota (sorry Lili). Actually I had very good reason to. I start work early today (hence the early post) and new that if I worked on the charismatic elf fairy I wouldn't go to bed until she was finished. As it turns out I wasn't able to do that much as I was very tired. But you can see what I have done. My little snowman now looks like he really is part of a snowman. He has an eye and part of a nose. You can even see his smile thanks to the shades of blue. I am now working on his hat. I had hoped to get the blues in the hat finished but my tired brain wasn't cooperating. I thought it was better to give in before I started making mistakes.

Today is UFO day but I will surprise you with what I chose with a photo tomorrow. I can tell you that I am hoping for another happy dance although I'm not promising anything. And tomorrow I will be back to bugs.

Juul thanks for the link. I do visit Jenn's blog regularly and it was thanks to her that I decided to go ahead and buy the kit. Kathy, thanks for the help. I will give krenik a try. I'm just glad that I didn't try to split the thread.

If you are wanting to read blogs that are a little bit different try the bloggies. I only just found out yesterday that there was actually a blog awards. I found myself spending an hour look through the finalists yesterday. If you scroll down a bit you will see there is also a nomination for best craft blog. The only one of those I recognised was not martha.

Well, seeing this snowman take shape with his friendly face is also a great pleasure! We'll wait for your elf, then...
I also tend to make mistakes when I insist too long on stitching at night; but it is so difficult to stop...
Take care!
we want the elf !!!! Look, many other blog persons seem to be finishing it....

What are those bloggies stuff? seriously, I popped to "Not Martha", I would never nominate such a blog???? Just text and a lot of white background????

Ah, being grumpy granny in the morning.... ;)

BTW, love the snowman, it's great to be able to stitch Christmas things after Christmas !
Your snowman is looking great! I'm with Lili and San though can't wait to see your elf finished, so pretty. :D

I am going to have to check out NotMartha, I think I've seen it before but not sure. I like seeing the Bloggies, it's fun to see the "most popular blogs" LOL
The snowman is looking wonderful! He's so cute.
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