Saturday, January 07, 2006


Reading, Reading, Reading

That's all I have been doing the last few days. When I get in from work I have been too tired to do anything else. And it's nice snuggling up with a book. Because of this I have a number of books finished.

"Star Trek Titan: Red King" by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.

At the end of Titans last adventure the ship was transported through a spacial anomaly to another part of the universe. There they find that a missing Romulan fleet has been taken over by an intelligence called the Sleeper. The local inhabitants the neyel turn out to be human settlers who believe that the sleeper is a God who will wake up and devour their worlds. Riker promises to help bring back the Romulan fleet and then save the neyel from destruction.

I am enjoying these Titan adventures. It's interesting seeing one or two well known characters with a crew of unknowns. An easy read but I think they could be enjoyed by a lot of Star Trek fans. I know that a lot of fans hoped that a new series would begin involving Rikers new ship.

"The Serpent's Shadow" by Mercedes lackey

Maya fights all sorts of prejudices to be allowed to practice medicine in Victorian London. Not only is she a woman but she is half Indian. Non of these things stop her and eventually she builds up a trusted client base. It helps that she has magical talent which allows her to give cures to the incurable. It also helps to protect her from an evil she ran away from in India. However, that evil has followed her and she needs more than her seven pets to protect her.

This is one of the fairy tale based stories and this one is based on Snow white. I must be slow but I didn't see this until very late in the book. Not until an old woman sold her some apples. It was then I realised who her seven pets were meant to be. Again I found this to be a little slow in places in the middle. But it didn't last long and I soon raced through the end. A little better than "Fire Rose".

"The Gates of Sleep" by Mercedes Lackey.

Little Marina is in hiding but doesn't actually know it. All she knows is that her parents sent her away to live with her aunt and two uncles. She is well loved and is learning to use her water magic. Her aunt and uncles though are only two aware of the danger she is in and must protect her until her eighteenth birthday. Then she will be free of the evil curse and can go back to her parents. With the death of her parents Marina is forced away from her guardians and has to live with her aunt Arachne and cousin Reginald. She feels great unease in their presence and hides her magic abilities without knowing why. She acts the part of a proper niece while trying to discover what exactly her aunt is up to.

This one is based on Sleeping beauty and is the best of the three. I wasn't bored with it at any point. An easy read but a good one. And unlike the last one I could see straight away which fairy tale it was based on. It starts with the Christening of Marina which gives it away. Definitely one to read if you are a fan of stories involving magic.

"Does Anything Eat Wasps" by the New Scientist.

This is a compilation of questions and answers written by the readers of the "New Scientist". There are questions on just about every subject you can think of and each one has an answer (and a few have a number of answers). A fun read and you don't have to read it all, just the ones that interest you. Some of the answers might even turn out to surprise you. I never expected the answer to the title question to include badgers and bears! I think most people might get something out of this book.

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