Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some craft updates

I'm afraid I haven't done that much. I had a night out and I have been to tired when I get home from work so spend it reading. Then there was my day of cooking. However, I'll show you what I have done. This is the start of the snowman stocking, the new one. It's the shoulder and part of the sweater of one snowman. This shows you how tired I have been. I was stitching away and then I got onto the second shade of purple. As I was stitching I wondered why the snowman was purple. I understood it for some of the outline because purple has been known to be used for shading in snow. Then I realised that the snowman was wearing a jumper and the jumper is purple. I also almost unpicked half of my stitching for a mistake that wasn't there.

I am not going to get CW finished this week as I thought I would. The border itself is taking me a little longer than I thought I would. That and I have been too tired to do much. Thankfully, I can't make many mistakes with just stitching a straight line. I'm not too disappointed that the finish is delayed. There is something therapeutic about stitching the outline of the border. Also it is amazing the difference it is making. I was a little bored with the whites and grays in the skirt but haven't been since finishing with that. I look forward to seeing how much a difference adding the beads will make. My new goal is to have her finished by the end of next week. I plan on working on her tonight and am hoping that the outline will be completely finished.

I also haven't done much to the Christmas Elf fairy. I did finish with the blended threads. I am still loving those colours. And now that I have finished working with the blended threads it doesn't look so strange. I think I will work on her head before I got on to the trim of her skirt. She looks a little creepy headless. In fact I might do that before I do anything else. Mind you some of the neckline has beads. Since I always leave them until last she might look creepier with a floating head.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on my poor attempt at cooking. I promise I didn't have to force my sister to be my first cooking. She wanted to try it. And she didn't like it for the same reason that I didn't, she doesn't like cabbage. I didn't find the making of it that difficult just time consuming. It involved lots of chopping. The rest of the recipe was fairly simple. I am definitely not going to make this one again. But if I see another minestrone recipe without cabbage I might just give it a go.

CW is looking fab hun, as does your Christmas Elf Fairy.

HUgs xxxxxx
CW is looking wonderful. Good progress on the stocking and the fairy. Thank goodness you realized what the purple was in time, then you'd really have been upset.
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