Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Surprise Finish

I decided to copy Flosslady and set a day aside for UFOs. This design is called "Jewel of the Orient" and is from Dimensions Gold collection. I first bought this kit about five years ago with some birthday money I had received. I had not long taken up stitching so it was a bit of a challenge for me and my first large design. I did get it just about finished. There were a number of mistakes but they didn't make much of a difference so I just kept going with it. Near the end though I had made a mistake that threw me so it was put aside. I picked it up yesterday and within half an hour I had fixed the mistake and finished it off. As you can see it is now in badly need of an iron. I can't believe I left it so long to finish.

Thanks to everyone for all your comments on the snowman. The colours are very bright which is one of the things that got me to choose it. My nieces love their colours. I get to work on it again on Friday. Today I am going to work a little more on bugs and tomorrow it is the Christmas Elf.

For those of you who missed Lili she has made a post on her blog.

Thanks for the link, and I'll be the first to comment! I got your comment, and I'll copy your address this afternoon. Mine is

I haven't read all the posts I have missed yet, but your concern expressed on San's blog really touched me.

This is quite a happy dance we can have with this wonderful finish! I'm impressed! It's funny, because I finished some UFO (well smaller) about one month ago (the Bengry Bear needed its backstitch)and I didn't mention it as a happy dance. Well, I didn't mmention it at all...

But this oriental designs sure requires a happy dance! So, let's dance! Well done, Karen!

"I'll be back" (this and "make my day" are my fav movie quotes).

I'll also try to email you if I dare.

Take care, dear Karen, and thank you for sharing!
What a lovely finish Karen, wow you are doing well on your HD's this yuear hun.

Hugs xxxxxx
This is an amazing piece! I can see why you are glad you finally got it out and finished it up. It's just beautiful, definately one to be proud of. :D
Congratulations! Seems this finishing UFOs might have some merit. Happy Dancing!
Karen, Jewel of the Orient is stunning. I can see how a beginner could get a little frustrated. Glad you were able to bring it back out and finish it up. Makes it more worthwhile in the long run....
That's a lovely finish Karen. Congratulations!!

I browse thru your webshots...CBF is going to have a face soon. I think I would like to start on that soon.
WOOHOO!!! Congrats on your finish. It's always such a good feeling to finish a UFO.

Bugs is looking good, too.
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