Saturday, January 21, 2006


Two Updates & Battlestar Mini series

Not that much work done on her. I did manage to finish the skirt. And she now has hands and a face. A floating face but still a face. The floating part won't change until the very end when I make a start on the beads. I think they will be the first beads I attach though. If you want to see this finished take a look at Kathy's blog. She is planning on turning hers into a Christmas cushion which I think will look stunning. She is also correct about the threads left over. To me it looks like there will be plenty to stitch this over. I've never really came across this with a kit before. I normally run low in at least one thread. I am also tempted to try and stitch her in other colours. Can't help but think that she will look just as good in blues. A possible project for the future.

Yesterday I also did some work on the snowman stocking. I got the jumper done (well on the half of the chart I am working on). He now has the beginnings of a glove and the start of a face. There are lots of colour changes in this one but they are not at all annoying. I think because I have been working on designs where the colours in them are all very similar. So I am enjoying working on something with so many different colours. I've roughly got about half of this quarter of the chart finished. It's one of the smaller parts which is why it has been so quick.

While I was stitching away last night I watched the Battlestar Galactica mini series. I was wrong about a few things. It isn't set years after the original series. It involves a lot of the original characters but they have been changed quite a bit. The commander is more military like, there is resentment between Adama and his son Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer are female and Baltar is a computer genius. There are also a number of characters missing such as Athena, Cassiopeia and Serena. I really got into the storyline. It thought that the set up was well done. Occasionally the thought 'but it's not the same' would bubble up but it would quickly go away as I was sucked back in. I'm not surprised that it was a hit and that from this they have made a TV series. It has definitely been modernised to suit the times. More action and a lot more special affects. It is faster paced too. Definitely worth watching even if you are a diehard fan of the original.

Kim, sorry I forgot to answer your question. The Bugs design is a limited edition kit called Art Deco Bugs Bunny. I saw it not long after I first got into stitching that I saw it. But it proved impossible to get a hold of. It must have been released again because I saw it while browsing on Sew and So. That's when I decided to go ahead and get it.

Timewarden, your right. The episodes I haven't seen is "The Edge OF Destruction". I'm looking forward to seeing it. I probably won't try the other crime novels. I'm not really a crime fan to be honest. Poirot and Miss Marple are the only crime television series that I liked which is why I wanted to give them a go. My mum is a fan though and has read all of PD James and Ruth Rendell's novels.

Awww keep going Karen Christmas Elf will be finished in no time.

hugs xxxx
Hi Karen,

I want to ask you, did you make stitches using one or two threads of whisper?
I love watching how she'll grow.
Juul :o)
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