Wednesday, January 25, 2006


UFO Happy Dance!

Sorry everyone. I'm still being good and sticking to my rota but thank you for all your encouragement. I really appreciated it.

Yesterday was UFO day which lead to another finish. Yep, the castle which has sat untouched for months is finally finished. I classed it as a UFO because I basically had to force myself to pick it up. It's amazing how much I have went off this chart. I'm sure I will grow to like it again but for the moment it will be stored away now that it is finished. Glad I did finish it though. It has been gnawing away at me at the back of my head. That is the last of my UFO's which are so close to finishing. I haven't decided what I am going to do next week. But whatever I chose it will take more than one UFO day to finish.

I can't remember where I saw mention of the bloggies but I know I have seen them mentioned a few times. Not sure how people get nominated. As for the craft ones. I remember Not Martha being advertised on a group. I think people liked it because she had instructions on how to make different things. It's not one I would go back to again and again. I prefer visiting everyone's cross stitch blogs. They feel friendlier. I remember reading that Wil Wheaton won a number of bloggies for his site. There seem to be a lot of blogs in the style of Heat Magazine. Lots of celebrity photo's and making fun of what they are wearing.

My inner geek is calling out for this. I was a huge fan of Seaquest. A talking dolphin and a teen idol what more could a girl ask for! I didn't care that even the sci fi fans in my family didn't like it. And now it is out on DVD. But only region one (sob!). I would have broken my promise to cut down on DVD spending for this one. I will just have to keep a look out and hope that it will eventually be released in the UK.

Plans for today. I am still going to work on Bugs. Tomorrow I will try to finish the Christmas Elf. I promise. Basically I am not working on Friday which means it won't matter if I stay up to finish her (which I no doubt will as I won't be able to put her down until I do).

Aaaaaargh !!!!! I want it I want it !!!! What? Well, the Seaquest dvd set ! I was a huge fan too, and airing was cahotic in France, but Sci Fi channel UK was nice enough to show them again and again at one point... A shame I didn't have my dvd recorder at that time.

I'm sure the dvds will come our way, like Sliders did !

UK is the land of the sci fi... ;)

Congratulations on finishing "The Castle" !!!! If you don't like it anymore, you can send it my way, I'm sure I'll find a place for it ;)

I think I abandonned all hopes of stitching it myself, though.

Now you can finish the elf?
I've got a hardback "Seaquest DSV" novel my mum bought me but I've never got round to reading it!
Oooooo I loved watching Seaquest when it was on, oh I want it I want it tooooooo.

The Castle looks fantastic, I have this in my to do pile for my Aunt, I bought some silkweaver fabric called Winter Breeze for it. Hoping to start it soon.

Hugs xxxxx
I wonder if this ufo isn't one of those you were stitching when I started blogging (around last may or june). I'm sure I've seen it before. It's very beautiful, Karen! Well done!
I don't know Seaquest, shame on me...
But we do spend much on DVDs, no series, but movies... all sorts!
PS: pay a visit to Kim's blog (In stitches).
Seaquest was just shown over here around the time the set came out. DH set the DVR to record not noticing that the entire week from8am to 5pm.Boy was that a shock. Congrats on Castle. I vaguely remember you working on this when I first found your blog. Any UFO finish is a great finish and can safely be squared away and find more. Keep up the good work!
Yay!! Your castle looks AMAZING! Congratulations on finishing it! Do do be doop (that's me dancing with you!)!
I don't have your email adress so... I tag you for the new meme. Check the questions on my blog.

I have 2 Seaquest novels, one is the pilot, which I had missed at the time, so it was good to read, and the other one is a new adventure. I think I still have them somewhere...
Congrats on getting the Castle finished!

I remember Seaquest. Boy that brings back a lot of memories. :)
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