Saturday, January 28, 2006


Won't be around a while

I'm going through a few things just now and so don't feel up to posting much. I will be back when I'm feeling better.

Hope you get things sorted out. Look forward to seeing you back on when you feel ready.

Best wishes, Tim.
You deal with what you need to and we'll be here waiting for you.
Loads of hugs heading across the pond
Hope your ok hun and hope to see ya back soon. Take care hun, loads of {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} coming your way.

Hugs xxxxx
Awww..Karen..I'm sorry to hear that things are not happy! :( I do hope that all things get sorted out soon and that you'll be back to your cheerful self soon! :) I miss ya!! *BIG HUGS* Know that I'm hear for ya if you need a friend ... :)

Have a good one!!!

Dear Karen, so no news was bad news as well...
All my thoughts are with you. You have my mail, just in case.
Hope everything turns out OK for you pretty soon.
We'll be waiting for you.
Bon courage!
Lots of hugs and thoughts to try and help you out.
Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping things get better soon. Take care of yourself. ((hugs))
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