Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Another Complete UFO

I know I said that the rest of my UFO's would take time to finish but this one was just as much a surprise to me. Last week I was doing a little tidying. I went through a folder of some charts I had planned on working on soon. In one of the polly pockets I found this little guy just about finished. He has been left this way so long that I really have no memory of stitching him. I do know that it must have been at some point last year but I don't even remember why I left him unfinished. There wasn't much left to do except a little backstitch. I know the backstitch is annoying but there was so little left to do that I don't think that I would have left him for that reason. I do remember he is for a friend who is a huge Tatty Ted fan. At least that is one card finished on time for next Christmas. He doesn't quite follow my Christmas tree theme but I am sure that I can add some embellishments to the bottom of the card.

Since I finished Tatty so quickly I decided to fish out another UFO. Working on Tatty gave me the taste for working on bears so I looked out Wizard Potions by DMC. I bought this one and it's matching partner a few years ago. I had originally made a start on him the same day I bought it while over at a friends house. He was then put aside and I never picked him up again although I always meant to. The only part I had stitched until yesterday was the red and green of his cape and the stripe of green which is actually the potion from his cauldron. The face I did yesterday. As you can see I won't be so quick in finishing him as I have been with my other UFO's.

Thank you Kim for encouraging me to keep going with Firefly. You are right that it does get better. I thought what you said about mixing US and Chinese culture was interesting. Maybe the whole wild west theme is to make it obvious that the US is the other half of the culture. But you could also be right about things from the past becoming popular again. I think I like that idea more. It explains why it seems a little mixed. The dancing in one episode is from a different era although the dress reminded me of Gone With the Wind. I am also starting to like this mix of characters.

San, I miss the Sunday reruns because of work. I have to rely on others taping them for me and honestly they are worse than I am at remembering. When they do remember they usually tape the wrong channel. Desperate House Wives on a Wednesday is the first thing in a long time that I have remembered to watch. I didn't used to be this bad honest. When I was a teen I used to watch TV all the time like all normal teens. I think that because of working shifts in work I got out of the habit.

This Tatty Teddy is so beautiful! How great to finish UFOs! You inspire me a lot: I have started my craft notebook, and I am seriously thinking of finishing UFOs instead of starting new projects over and over (although I finish those, probably because I don't want to extend that number of UFOs)...
I do wonder how this Wizard potions by DMC will be in the end, but I'm impressed how much browns you have stitched in one evening!
With time, I have also become very bad at watching TV. After buying TV programmes for over 6 months without even opening them, I have decided to stop buying them. It's been one year now, and I've never missed them... I'm wayyy better at visiting my video club, cdiscount's web site, and watching DVDs...
Lots of hugs!
I love Tatty Teddy! Haven't stitched him yet (mostly due to the exchange rates)But I think I have some in stash waiting for me to get around to ordering Anchor threads, I'm too lazy to go through the conversion charts.
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog .... I've actually managed to post some photos now!
Sorry I've not been around much over the past couple of months. I was sorry to read about the breakup with your boyfriend, it must have been a big shock when you didn't see it happen. Its impossible for me to tell what you're really feeling from this distance but I will say from what you wrote you seem to have a brilliant attitude over the whole thing. You deserve to have those books and DVDs, so don’t feel bad about buying them!
You have done some great stitching. Congratulations on your Celtic Winter finish. I know I moan about her but I do like her really! And you inspired me to buy the Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy, she is beautiful and I am really looking forward to stitching her.
Your tatty teddy is so adorable! Those projects looks so fun, except for the backstitching. ;)

I am glad you are enjoying Firefly a bit more. I sort of got the impression that the whole "wild west" idea was to show the backwardness of the people living on the fringes in the pioneer planets. It's very similar to what happened in the West 150 years ago. People pick up and move west looking for their fortunes, not as educated, but determined. The more "cultured" people seem to be more modern and more Asian. The show that you are referring to was a planet that was set up like the old South, aka Gone w/ the Wind. The social structure, etc was very similar. I thought it was an interesting way to show how the various planets developed their own social structures based on their wealth and proximity to the main system. If you notice the speech patterns of the crew are quite different from the "wealthy" doctor and his sister and the "companion". So it's obviously a social comment on what part of the alliance you are from and where you stand in the food chain. ;) But I found it sort of bizarre how they sounded like they were from the Civil war era and yet they eat traditional Chinese foods and know some Chinese language. Odd combination for sure.
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