Friday, February 10, 2006


Bugs and Bookmark

This is going to be a short blog entry as I have some studying I want to do. So here are my updates of Bugs and the dragon bookmark. I am steadily working on Bugs jacket and it seems to be coming along. The dragon bookmark is a lot slower than I thought it would be. It's all those annoying little stitches that is taking so long. I doubt I will stitch this again after all. I just hope that it will look okay when finished. At the moment I have my doubts as those little stitches look untidy to me.

I think they both look great! Love them both. :D I'm sure when the dragon is done it will look great.
Love the "Bugs Bunny" - what is the name of the chart?? I want to make one for my friend. Terri
I had the same feeling with petit point when I stitched my NOEL square, but don't worry, things will look fine in the end!
Enjoy your studies!
Lots of hugs!
Excellent job Karen!!! I love them both! Glad to see you are feeling better..and taking time to do things for YOU! :) LOL I completely understand about having something that appeared to be simple..but is driving you crazy! LOL That's how I feel about some of my projects sometimes..especially Margaret Sherry charts.


Bugs is looking very dashing. The dragon, can't tell about the stitches, but it's looking great from here. Take care!
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