Friday, February 17, 2006


Bugs and Dragon

I didn't get as much done on Bugs as I had hoped. I did finish his jacket and I really like the way it looks now it is finished. I had hoped to get a really good start on his gloves too. However, because of work I only managed to get a little start to one. I am now itching to see him finished although I know it will take some time. The border is quite large and then most of the background is shaded in using half stitches. He is fun to stitch but I can't wait to see the end result.

I was able to get more done on the dragon bookmark. I persevered with it and managed to get it all the stitching done. All I need to worry about now is the backstitch. You can't really see but I have made a start. I have done the outside of the border and I am now working my way roung the inside. Not long now until a happy dance. I would finish it off just now but the snowman is calling. Plus I need to prepare the fabric of the dragons replacement before I can make a start on it. I am going to be doing Firefly Fairies by lavender and Lace. The centre of the fabric is supposed to be a splash of light colour (to give the impression of magic once the fairies have finished). I didn't think that I would have to do this but I do. I am going to have to bleach the fabric. I'll be doing that tomorrow so wish me luck.

There was no UFO day this week. I was far too tired and then I had a friend over. We don't get to see that much of each other even though she doesn't live that far away. It's just the way our shifts work. It's always good to see her again though and always good to have a chat.

Lili, I am glad you liked the scrapbook images and the project that it showed. If you like I can post a picture of the first page of that project. Yes, the snowman is a Janlyn design.

I have been reading away too and there will be some book reviews soon.

Good luck on bleaching the fabric for FF. I have always wanted to do that project, but I am scared about the bleaching part.

Bugs looks really cute and I love your dragon bookmark.
Whats up Doc!. He is awesome. Look forward to seeing your progress. Love the book mark. Happy Stitching. Anee L
Bugs is looking even more dashing, if that can even be. Red Dragon also is a treat. Can't wait to see them both done.
Bugs and the dragon look great! I really love Bugs though and can see why you are anxious to finish it. :D

I read in the last post that you finished up Firefly. I can see you had the same opinions I had about it. LOL I was also left wanting more and disappointed that it ended the way it did. I am sure you will like Serenity the movie and am curious to hear your views on that once you've seen it. It always amazes me the crap that is able to stay on television and the good stuff that gets tossed aside.

Have a great weekend!
Scrapbook: yes, I must confess I would like to see the whole... It is so original and precious...
Bugs is coming along fine, and your dragon is already a pleasure for the eyes.
My raspberry bear's colours are brighter on the scan than in reality... It is indeed a little "flashy", but it's funny, and my DD loves it...
Bleaching! Good luck!
Lots of hugs, dear Karen!
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