Sunday, February 12, 2006


Craft Journal and Some Up Dates.

A few days ago I asked if anyone kept a craft journal like myself. Lili really took to the idea and has asked to see others if they have them. So here is a photo of two of my pages. This one is about a journal I made. It has an example of the paper I used as well as photo's and diagrams. This is quite a long one as it was a large project (for me anyway). Most take up only one page. The reason I started this craft journal is that I keep a normal journal. I do write about projects I am working on and finishes as well as other things. It was while doing that I came up with the idea of having a separate one for finishes so that I could be more detailed.

I have finished one quarter of the chart. I am now going to move onto the next sheet so that we can finally see the rest of these snowmen. There is a third snowman in this chart but I think it is another quarter again before we come across him. Thank you for all your lovely comments on this. I think the reason for the little snowman looking so sweet is that smile. It looks cheeky but cute at the same time. And you're right bastet, it does look like he is peeking out from behind something. I really am looking forward to stitching the next part. I am loving all these colours and I can't wait to see the snowmens characters begin to show.

I am also really pleased with the way bugs is looking. He is looking dapper. He is even holding a cane (which I am sure you will see soon). Just a pity there isn't a top hat somewhere in the design. Or maybe that would be taking it too far, lol. I think that will have the jacket finished on my next day for working on him and have a good start made on his gloves. There is still quite a bit to go as a huge part of the design is the border and then there is all the shading and backstitch to do. I am enjoying seeing him develop despite the lack of colours. Just stitch, the kit is called Art Deco Bugs and is a limited edition by Designer Stitches.

Today I get to work on my dragon bookmark and tomorrow it is back to the snowmen. Would so much rather be working on the snowmen now but never mind. If you go to Jenn's blog she has posted a link to the Easter fairy. Looking forward to getting hold of my own.

Bugs is really starting to show off there. The snowman stocking is moving right along as well. Can't wait to see the rest of his cute little face.
Your snowman does have a lovely face ... he looks so friendly! Look forward to seeing the other side of them. And Bugs is coming along well too.
Oh, I just love how your Bugs is coming along - he is one of my favorites and I must get that chart/kit someday!
Awesome work Karen!! You are doing an excellent job at making me look bad in the stitching dept! *wink* I'm just kidding hon!! Maybe I'll use you as an inspiration..tho I did manage to stitch a bit on an ornie this weekend! :)


I enjoy so so much seeing this snowmen sticking take shape! Thanks for sharing!
And in particular, sharing this great craft journal! It looks amazing! Thanks for inspiration! There are quite a few stitchers that write one indeed, and some are very structured!
Lots of hugs!
I have bugs too, still tucked away in its original packaging and in a craft storage box in the loft. I may put him in my rotation later in the year.
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