Sunday, February 19, 2006


For Lili

I haven't done much stitching since my last post. Too busy studying or reading. I am hoping to finish the dragon bookmark today though. So hopefully there will be a post celebrating a happy dance tomorrow. I also haven't had the guts yet to try bleaching the fabric for FF. Thanks to reading all your comments though I am going to bite the bullet and do it tomorrow. I am also now thinking about what kind of card to make for mothers day. There was the free country companions kit in one of the magazines. My mum is a fan of those designs. Then there was also a free mothers day card kit in one of the card making magazines. I will mess about with a few ideas on my days off before I decide. I might make some Easter cards this year too.

This might be good news for Firefly fans. The DVD is still to be released here in the UK (27th Feb) . I am hoping that it will do well here, enough to allow it to return anyway. Just now I am watching Babylon 5 again. I love that show. First season is so cheesy but good cheesy. I have also been reading up on some of the episodes of BSG coming up in the US. So jealous! It sounds as if the second series is surpassing the first! Next I am going to go through the Doctor Who box set in time for the new series starting.

These next few images are for Lili who wanted to see some more of my crafts journal.

27th???? I saw loads and loads of box sets of Firefly at 17.99 in my local HMV !!!! I was about to buy it, but I just bought the Gilmore Girls box set, too much apparently as I paid 44.99 in London HMV, and it's at 29.99 in my local Asda !
Also bought a 3disks Buffy gift set "Spike, Angel, Willow" for 7.99 in Tesco. This was a bargain. I'm still waiting for BUffy to be as cheap as the xfiles box sets to start my collection....

Too many dvds !!!!
Thanks for dedicating this post to me, I am very touched!
I haven't been able to enlarge the third pic for unknown reasons, but I had a close look at the first two!
Your Vahiné is sweet! And I am very impressed with your calligraphy on the mother's day card. It looks professional! The whole card looks professional, in fact! You are multi-talented!
I am also very tempted to stitch the Edwina with flowers for mothers' day -well, if I'm lucky enough to get the mag in time, that is... I've never stitched a country companion before, but this one is particularly cute.
I'm looking forward to seeing your finished dragon bookmark!
Lots of hugs and thanks for sharing.
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