Monday, February 20, 2006


Happy Dance

I FINISHED!!!!! You have no idea what a relief it is to have finished this one. I don't know how many times I almost gave up on it. I loved the colours and I loved the design. However those tiny stitches dotted all over the place were a nuisance. And they didn't make the back stitch any easier. I would love to say that I will carry out my plans of stitching this in blue. I severely doubt I will. Not any time soon anyway. I am pleased with the way he looks now he is finished. So maybe he was worth it. I just need to get some iron on fabric for the back and then he is ready to use.

Now off the bleach my fabric and then some stitching on the snowman.

I love it! It is a stunning project! You can be proud of this achievement!
Now, looking forward to see your adorable snowmen... Keep going!
Good luck for bleaching!
Lots of hugs!
Congruatulations! IMHO, it is worth the effort - it looks fantastic! Love those reds.
The result is beautiful and worth the effort I guess :-). Have fun with bleaching your fabric.
The comment above is from Ann.
Congratulations! Your dragon looks very intricate and well worth the effort.
Congrats Karen! He looks wonderful. The persistance was well worth it. Good luck with the bleaching.
Congratulations!! Despite all of its troubles, it sure came out gorgeous!!
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