Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm Back, Sort OF...

Thank you for all your lovely messages. And yes I am back and will eventually catch up with everyone's blogs. Just don't be too surprised if it takes me a while to get completely back on track. I guess you are all wondering what happened. It wasn't anything serious, at least no illnesses or anything like that. Basically I came out of a long term relationship. And I wasn't expecting to. While I was planning and thinking of our future my beloved fiance was planning a complete separation. I know I sound a little bitter and I am really trying hard not to be. The last week I have spent my time trying to pull myself together. While I have done next to no stitching. I have moped about watching DVD's and doing not much else. I am hoping that the moping is now over.

I have spent most of the last few years planning my life around the boyfriend and I am a little at a loss now that it has been taken away from me. I am finding it a little difficult to think of things that I can do now that we aren't together (other than dating other people that is and to be honest that doesn't appeal to me just now). So instead of doing that I plan to just get by the next few weeks and hopefully the rest will come. I have begun an English literature degree which I am hoping will help. I found languages too difficult to do whilst also working full time. So I changed it to something that I am more familiar with. Which doesn't mean that I have given up on languages. It is something that I will go back to.

Anyway, that is my news. With any luck I will get back into my stitching and reading soon (reading other than course work that is).

Glad to see you back. Sorry to hear about the break up. I won't offer any sappy advice cuz we all have to deal with these things in our own ways. Hope you feel better and that things keep looking up. ((hugs))
Same! There's no good advice! Time seems to help, and I guess we all have to let go our anger (although mine always expresses through tears, so I look desperate when I merely feel angry).
I'm truly sorry for you, but I guess better now than in ten years?
We're there if you need to talk. My thoughts have been with you all the time.
Great you're starting this English literature degree! Don't hesitate to share! (well if you want to, of course).
It's been a very long time since you talked about your music too.
Lots of hugs and encouragements.
Awwww...Karen! *BIG HUGE HUGS*. Breakups are hard no matter if you've dated for a few months..or a few years. You always feel like it's something you did..even if it isn't and you constantly second guess yourself. Been there...As with the others, there is no good advice to hard as it is..take this time to work on yourself. Maybe do those things you've always wanted to do..but the Bf didn't want to. :) You are still you..and still glorious...don't forget that. Your soulmate is still out there...everyone's is...but sometimes we have to work on ourselves first before we can give completely to another person. I know..I sound like a Hallmark card..or a shrink.

Kudos to you on the English Lit degree!!! Any speciality?? I love poetry..and American Lit..( modern) there are so many great books out there now...why concentrate soley on the classics? Ya know! LOL

Anyhoo, remember this:

" A Heart may be broken, but that doesn't mean it stops beating."

( From the movie Fried Green Tomatoes)

I'm hear if ya need a friend..

Sorry to hear the news Karen. It's happened to me twice in the last five years and to be honest, really honest, I'm still not over either girl completely. The question I kept asking was "Why?".

There are no easy answers. I found that, eventually, the passage of time does help a bit but you can't help but retain some affection for past loves when you have naturally put them at the centre of your life.

I hope your road to recovery is as painless as possible and immersing yourself in other things may help take your mind off it. I envy you starting out on an Eng Lit degree. It's years since I actually read Dickens and Hardy but if your course covers these two novelists then I really envy you!

Best wishes, Tim
Karen big {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} coming your way hun. I am sorry to hear the news.

Hope you feel better soon, I am always here to listen

Hugs xxxxx
big hugs..... I suffered that a few years ago. Totally hollow. And I wasn't stitching much at the time, so I didn't even hd that in my life.
Hopefully DBF came back.... and is still there, but it was painful to loose a friend, a person I trusted totally, etc...

Think that we are all there for you, and you're not alone !!!
Oh Karen, I am so terribly sorry to hear this :-( You don't deserve to be treated this way.
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