Friday, February 24, 2006


No Need to Panic

I didn't bleach the fabric again. You can see here how faint the markings are. I am just hoping that it will stand out more once the stitching is finished. In my defense though I was using a weak bleach (which explains why the stain is so faint) and the instructions recommend that you keep going until it is as light as you want it. I have stitched one of the fairies arms. In the picture on the chart this is supposed to be pale pink but it looks more coral to me. The chart looks a little daunting, more so than the Celtic ladies. So I have decided to complete small sections at a time to make it easier. That's why I have finished her arm and have even used the krenik thread for that section (normally I would leave something like that to the end). There are beads in this design too which I am going to leave until last like I normally do. I am enjoying working on this already as it fits in with my fairy tale obsession.

I managed to completely finish this little wizards face. It looks like his face is at a horrible angle but it will make more sense once it is finished. I managed to get quite a bit of his hat done too. He has such a sweet little face that it is hard not to want to keep going with him. I have another teddy bear UFO which I think I will work on after the wizard is finished.

I also managed to do some work on Bugs. I got one hand done and a good start on the other. You can at least see the shape of it. I am working on him again tomorrow. I hope to get the rest of his hand done and then make a good start on his cain. I think either Bugs or the wizard will be my next finish. Although that is a while away yet.

Today I get to work on the snowman. I think you are right bastet. I think snowman two is grampy. I think that's what I will call him from now on.

I am glad everyone liked those book reviews. I am very much in a fantasy mood and have a few more reviews to do soon. I'm afraid I haven't read any books by Maggie O'Farrel, Ali, but I have seen them in the shops. I will make a point of trying them soon.

Lili, I have read the first two Artemis Fowl books too and think they are fantastic. Your right, they are quick reads but adults get something out of them too. I know a number of people who have enjoyed them and they are all in their late twenties, early thirties. Kids books are definitely not just for kids.

I love Bugs! So great! The wizard bear is so cute! You are right his head is at a strange angle, but if you just turn your head to the right a bit... ;)

I like the fabric, not sure how bleached out the spot was supposed to be...but you can tell it's lighter. Bleaching, or reverse dying as I call it, is a bit tricky since you don't want to lose all the color but take it down a bit. Hopefully you will like the end result. :D
I've never heard of bleach instructions like those, but then again, there's bit of differances in quite a few things across the pond. Hopefully this one will be to your liking. All the wips are looking lovely. Can't wait to see more of the wizard bear, he's adorable.
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