Monday, February 13, 2006



I am nearing an end with my stitching nightmare. I would ignore the rest of my rota just to get this done but the rest of my rota keeps me sane. I don't think I would mind those tiny stitches so much if they were all together and weren't in so many different shades of red. He is getting there though and I am sure I will like him better when he is finished. It is a little disappointing as I had hoped to stitch this one again. I doubt I have the patience to do that though. I am hoping that I will finish with the cross stitch the next time I work on it. Then all I will have left to do is the backstitch. I didn't think that I would ever look forward to backstitch. I think that if I didn't like the finished result so much I would have given up long ago.

It looks very very beautiful, and I'm sure the final result will be worth the effort, Karen!
Take care!
The dragon is looking wonderful Karen! I can't wait to see him finished. Though I'm a bit disconcerted with all the over 1's and small stitches, I'd been eyeing him off and on, now I'm leary.
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