Friday, February 03, 2006


A Question

Thanks again for all your lovely comments. I loved stitching The Christmas Elf and I do recommend her to anyone who loves mirabelia designs or who would like to try one but is daunted by the size. I found out from Jenn's blog that the next one will be the Easter fairy. So I look forward to seeing what that one will look like and hopefully adding it to my collection. As for what I am stitching next I have no idea why I am keeping it such a secret. I can tell you that it is relatively small and done in the same colours. It is another one that I am thinking of trying in blues or purples. The problem is I can't find the chart. I hunted all over the place for it. So I decided that because I love the chart so much that I ordered it again. It should be here by next week. Instead of stitching I did some reading. I am hoping to write out more book reviews soon.

Okay, I keep a notebook which I use to journal all the craft projects I complete. I use photo's and sometimes I stick in paper or wool I have used. I wondered if anyone else does this or something similar?

Lastly I received the Doctor Who boxset, The beginning. I suppose a true fan would watch them all in order. I on the other hand went straight for the one I hadn't seen, "The Edge of Destruction". Turns out they used this as just a filler between stories as the one they were originally going to use fell through. All I will say is that you can tell. Timewarden, I think you warned me about this one. It is set inside the ship and both the ship and it's occupants begin to behave strangely. The story itself lasts only two episodes. I won't be adding it to my favourite list any time soon. Also the next Doctor Who DVD to be released is "Genesis Of The Daleks" in April. One that is on my favourite list.

More sci fi news. The second season of Battlestar Galactica is almost finished in the US and you can now get the first half on DVD region 1. I would probably wait until the full thing is released. It still doesn't stop me from feeling jealous. Also Andromeda is now coming out in boxset form rather than volumes. A little pricey for me just now. I am sure if I wait long enough they will go on sale eventually.

Sorry San, meant to say, I got the Pluto bookmark from Sew and So.

I am a huge fan of the new BSG and you are right we are up to ep 215 of season 2.5, weird huh? I was a bit unsure of how they split the seasons up at first, but I'm getting used to it. It's nice cuz we get new eps in July, Aug, Sept and then a break and new eps again in January. This way you don't suffer w/ intermittant repeats throughout the season.

I am sorely tempted to buy it on DVD just to be able to watch it all the way through w/out commercials.

I may see if I can rent Andromeda when it's available, I've seen it in sections, but not straight through. So I'm curious.

Do you watch Lost? Have you heard of the new show over here Invasion?
I'm also curious to see that Easter Fairy!
I think it's a great idea to keep a notebook! I might start one myself! Because, apart from my blog and my puter, there's nothing written... Books still have lots of things to offer actually! Yes! You're an inspiration, Karen!
Lots and lots of hugs and thanks for sharing!
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