Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Snowman Stocking

I was able to finish the rest of snowman twos hat and did the outline of his face. His eyes make him look a little sad. That will change once the back stitch is done. He actually has laughter lines. And he has a little grin like snowman one. You just can't see it yet. Hopefully you will the next time I update. There is actually very little back stitch to this design. Another reason for me to love it. I will feel a little sad once it is done. Mind you that is a long way off yet.

I received my materials pack for the Firefly Fairies. It has been sitting there a while now and every time I see it I am dying to open it up and make a start. I'll be good though. I'll wait until one of these large projects are finished.

Bastet, please don't let my complaints put you off stitching the bookmark. Those little stitches are a nuisance but the design is lovely. It will definitely be worth finishing.

Well I finished watching "Firefly" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very tempted to go back to the beginning and start all over again. Those things that I wasn't sure of at the start became some of the very things that I liked about it. And my opinion on the characters soon changed. There was also a lot of funny moments in there. Usually involving tough guy Jayne. At the end I was left wanting more. I really can't believe that Fox didn't want to continue with the show. I just hope that someone else does. For a change I watched all the extras and Joss Whedon obviously has so many more ideas for the show. I think he knows exactly the direction he wanted it to take. There are lots of unanswered questions that I would have liked to have seen through. My imagination can probably take care of some of it but it would be nice to know what Whedon intended. I am really looking forward to seeing "Serenity" now.

Oh excellent work on the Snowman stocking!!! Bravo!! *applause* Hmm..I've heard about Firefly..but what's it all about??

LOL I know what you mean..I'm trying to hold off starting something else..before I finish Happy Everything..or one of the bazillion other WIps I seem to have! *SIGH* LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!

Those snowmen are very jolly. I usually don't let too much ranting on a project get to me. Since what I might consider hard or boring might be someone else's favorite thing in the world. It's just that I'm not fond of quarter stitches and I've yet to do over 1 stitching. New things scare me till I can over come and attempt or keep putting it off. Mostly it tends to be the former...
Hi Karen!
Your stocking is so so beautiful! I had the chance to see how it would turn in a mag: it's a Janlynn design, isn't it?
I love that there is almost no backstitch to do: honestly, the richness of the whole design, its colours, etc, exclude the need to resort to that evil backstitch, and this is GREAT!
Your finished dragon: I can't wait to see it! It looks so fine, and the colours are wonderful...
I had a close look at your craft journal (forgot I could click on the pic to have it bigger). The project you describe in there looks fantastic! I have never tried to make anything like that before: you might be an inspiration again...
Starting new projects: I can't help it... I have started another one yesterday. Though it's a small one...
Lots of hugs!
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