Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Thank You

I just want to thank everyone for their comments on the dragon bookmark. I really appreciated it. I think if it wasn't for all your support I probably wouldn't have though twice about not finishing it. I am now glad that I did. Also thanks for the luck on bleaching my fabric. It went okay. It's not as bright as I expected and I am tempted to go over it again. My sister on the other hand has recommended that I don't. She thinks that it looks good as it is, subtle was how she described it, and I might ruin it if I try to get it brighter. She could be right but I will see how I feel when I begin stitching tomorrow.

I didn't get much done on the snowman stocking. I managed to finish snowman 2's face and moved onto the rest of the scarf. Those eyes make him look older than the other one. I think he is looking out for the two little snowman. Today is UFO day and I will be back to working on Wizard potion.

"Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse

Alice is on a dig while taking a break from all the stress of her real job. On her last day she discovers a cave with two ancient bodies lying next to an altar and with a carving of a labyrinth on the wall. This one discovery brings great danger to Alice. Her very movements are being followed, her friend has went missing and her hotel room has been searched. Alice is determined to find out what is going on and so begins researching this labyrinth. Meanwhile she is being haunted by memories of a young woman from the 12th century, Alais. Alais is a newlywed who is devoted to her father. She is asked to help her father to a hide a secret that some people will do anything they can to get their hands on. Alice soon discovers these memories could be the key to everything that has been going on since she discovered that cave.

In the end it just felt like a crime book. A bunch of people after eternal youth who kill to get it. It was well described and a lot of research was put into it. The story itself though was a little dull and the ending very disappointing after such a build up. It was still an enjoyable read. But I felt it was a little to long for the type of book it turned out to be and it did have promise in the beginning. I haven't read the Da Vinci Code but I imagine that if you liked that you might like this.

"Legend" by David Gemmell.

The Drenai are about to be invaded once more by the Nadir. This time though the Nadir are likely to win. The Nadir tribes have been united by Ulrich, head of the wolfs clan and now he is determined to take over the rest of the world. Dros Delnoch, a hold on Drenai land is the first place they plan to hit. The Earl of the Bronze has been told to hold Dros Delnoch for as long as he can. He knows the task is impossible even with the return of Druss, the famous warrior who has fought armies single handedly.

A quick easy read and I enjoyed it. The entire novel is set towards one big battle at the end which everyone believes they cannot win. The characters are likeable and the plot is simple and easy to follow. Great for any fantasy fans who want something quick and untaxing to read.

"The King Beyond The Gate" by David Gemmell

This is Gemmell's second book again based in the land of the Drenai. This one is set 100 years after "Legend". This time the Drenai are already conquered and by one of their own people. Tenaka Khan, half Nadir half Drenai, is the peoples only hope against this tyrant. A descendant of both Ulric and The Earl of Bronze how can he fail? However, the odds are not on his side. He is hated by both Nadir and Drenai and his army are made up of the remains of a once elite force and some mountain people. They also have to face the joinings. Half man, half beast creations who have been used to hold the people through fear.

Another quick and easy read. This is the second book and I am already seeing a pattern. Battles that are next to impossible to win but must be fought. A little more interesting than the first as Tenaka has to fight over the ancestry of both sides. However, it doesn't have Druss who was a stronger character

"Priestess of the White" by Trudi Canavan

Auraya has just been appointed as the last of the White. The White are a group of five from the priesthood who have been chosen to be the voice of the Gods. The Gods have decided that their world should be united and so Auraya's first tasks as a member of the white is to help with negotiations. She takes on her old teacher Leiard of the Dreamweavers to help her through these talks. Meanwhile the land is being attacked by strange sorcerers who claim that their Gods are the true Gods. Now more than ever these negotiations are important as they prepare for battle against a force possibly stronger than their own.

I really enjoyed Canavan's last trilogy and so bought this book as soon as it came out. It is more detailed than the last one. And has a wider range of characters and plotlines. However, there is something missing which makes it not quite as good as the others. Still enjoyable though and if it is your first book by Canavan you won't be disappointed.

I recently bought Priestess of the White in Manila. I posted the exact copy of my site. Have not started it yet as finishing another book. After your review cannot wait. Anne L
Hi Karen, I really enjoyed reading your book reviews - you're better than amazon.com LOL ;-) A book I recently read in about 3 days was "After You'd Gone" by Maggie O'Farrell. Its a splendid book, really skilfully written considering it was her first novel. The storyline is woven in threads between the past and present. I can recommend it as a great page-turner. Love all your stitching projects too, well done!
Hi Karen, I'm a new reader of your blog and have enjoyed your stitching and book reviews. :D
Looks like you've been blogging awhile! I'll have to take a peak at some of your earlier entries.
Your dragon bookmark is just lovely! Glad you didn't give up on it. :D The snowmen are coming along nicely! And look at all the books you've read! Pretty amazing. :D Love the reviews, some look very interesting. :D
Maybe the second snowman is grampy, watching out for the grandkids. He sorta has that look to him. PLEASE, tell me you weren't thinking of re-bleaching the same fabric for a brighter look! Too much bleaching in one area can leave the fabric very thin and can actually eat away the fiber and leave holes. I've done this while bleaching some bathmats that were used to wipe grease up with. (don't ask)
Bastet said it about making the fabric very thin, so I won't. She's right! Hope you haven't done it twice!?
Great book reviews, I enjoy them...
I am reading Artemis Fowl 2 (by Eoin Colfer) at the moment. It's for kids, but the plot is OK for grown ups too. It's about humans and fairies (special fairies, very different from the usual concept). My DS is reading number 3, and I'm off to buy the 4th one. You might enjoy it. Easy reading, but lots of good ideas.
Snowman 2 is the father, isn't he? I love his face.
Can't wait to see that wizard potion.
Lots of hugs!
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