Thursday, February 02, 2006


Thanks Everyone.

I just want to thank you all for your support. I appreciated your comments and I do realize that time will heal. It is just hard to see it just now. My reactions have been pretty strange. Or at least they seem strange to me. Already I miss him. But at the same time I am angry. Angry at the way he did it and angry at myself for not seeing it coming. Angry at him because when I look back at the last year the signs were there and it took him that long to build up the courage to end it. The end result is that I am better off without him. These are normal feelings. But I have also been thinking of other things which are more material and petty. We have similar taste in books. We always said that when we get our own place we would get round to reading each others book collection. There are a whole bunch of books that I haven't bothered borrowing or buying because the other half has them. I have now started collecting them. It's not just that but also DVD's too. Then I have also been thinking of things that I have stopped myself from adding to my collection because the other half makes fun of my taste ( this didn't always stop me). So I have started collecting them too almost just to spite him. It's weird! With any luck it won't last long though. And I know that I am not the only one to go through this sort of thing. And I don't mean to go on and on about it. But this was my first long term relationship. I was 17 when I met him which is another reason I am finding this hard. Letting out this flood though does make me feel better and I promise that the rest of my blog entries will NOT be about this. Rant over! I promise not to do any more complaining on this subject.

Well for something more pleasant. I picked up my needle again! I needed something mind numbing and this bookmark of Pluto fit perfectly. I have a small collection of bookmarks (I think most avid readers end up with a collection whether they want one or not) and I thought he was cute. He didn't take me long to stitch. It was all block colours and there were no half stitches. I would actually recommend this for a beginner despite the fact that it is stitched on plastic canvas. The only problem was that the chart was pretty small but that can easily be fixed with a photocopier.

And once the bookmark was finished I felt the need to keep going. So I finished off The Christmas Elf Fairy. I am really pleased with the way she turned out. Tonight I am going to hunt out the chart I wanted to replace her with on my rota. I decided not to use the left over threads from the elf fairy. There were more colour changes within the chart than I though so I just ordered the materials I needed. I won't actually go back to my rota though until I am back at work next week.

As for my English lit degree I am pretty excited about it too. My first essay has already been sent away. I don't get graded for this one though. For this module it seems more like a social sciences course than lit. There is a bit of everything in there. I'm not sure why but I have no doubt that I will enjoy it just the same. It is next years course I am really looking forward to. Lots if Shakespeare and some Dickens, Austen and Mary Shelley. The Shakespeare plays were the ones I was really looking forward to and it turns out they are the only ones out of the list that I haven't read. Would have been nice to have a Dickens book I hadn't read but I suppose it will just make life a little easier for me. There is also a full Shakespeare course on offer later in the degree.

oooooooohhhhhhh.... your fairy is sooooooooo beautiful ! And Pluto is so fun ! Where did you get it?
I'm impatient to see what you will stitch next !
Look at you! Those are great finishes! Love them both, but I am drooling over that Christmas Fairy. I have to say it looks fabulous! Like San I can't wait to see more!
You've really put the frustration to use. Karen you're doing a lovely job. Keep up the wonderful work.
How great, Karen!
Your Christmas elf fairy is amazing! You did a great job, and that's a HAPPY DANCE! Well done for Pluto as well! It's a great bookmark! My kids would love it!
Rants: if you need to talk about it, then DO! Those who don't want to know just can skip the paragraph (it's like when I'm fed up with my puter, I rant between [ and ]. Read it or not, that's your choice!)
It's funny how we can focus on THINGS, when these relationships end... But there must be strong psychological reasons... And I would also find it very hard when it comes down to books and DVDs...
English litterature: WOW! I envy you for having the courage to go back to studies... You're very strong, Karen. I admire you!
Lots of hugs! I'm looking forward to your next post!
Congratulations on your finishes, especially the UFO. You did a fantastic job.
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