Friday, March 17, 2006


Berts Last Wave Goodbye!

This really is the last photo of Bert. As you can see it started snowing again but it didn't last long. As soon as the sun came out the snow was gone within half an hour. It did snow again later in the day but the ground was too wet for it to stay. With any luck Bert will be reincarnated somewhere else in the world.

"A Wild Sheep Chase" by Haruki Murakami

The narrator has just divorced his wife and found a new girl friend. It is then his life takes an unexpected turn. He is contacted by the secretary of the boss, a man who has a hand in everything, and is sent on a wild sheep chase. All because his friend sent him a photo of sheep. Amongst those sheep is one which shouldn't exist and the narrator is told to find it. If he doesn't his life could be ruined. His new girlfriend goes with him to find a sheep with only a vague idea of what area it can be found in and next to no idea of why it is so important.

This is one of the first Murakami books to be translated into English and I have found it to be just as enjoyable as the others. I read once that Murakami uses the main character as a way for other characters to tell stories. The narrator in this leads an unremarkable life and works as a translator in the publishing industry. It isn't until he is sent on this chase that his life becomes interesting and it is the stories of the people he meets along the way that make it remarkable. If you want to try something different I definitely recommend Murakami. This one is probably one of the best to start with.

"Power in the Weaving" by Tamora Pierce.

Four young people in different parts of the world are in trouble of some sort. A mage collects them all and brings them to the winding circle temple. These potential mages are different from the other students. Their powers are hidden deep within them and seem to work around one type of magic only. They have trouble fitting in and so they are brought together where they must learn how to use their own gifts and learn to work with each other.

This is set in the same world as other series by Tamora Pierce. It is different from the others in that it deals with the mage side of things only. The outside world doesn't really concern the winding circle unless it is brought to them. I actually enjoyed the fact that it was a little different from the others. I still have difficulty separating this world and the one created by Mercedes Lackey. If you enjoy Mercedes Lackey then I think you will enjoy Tamora Pierce.

"The Power of the Storm" by Tamora Pierce.

This book sees the young mages becoming closer. They are beginning to work together more and can sense when one of the is in trouble. Now they must learn more control. Tris, the mage with the power over weather, almost learns this the hard way. Before anything can be done about it the winding circle is attacked by Pirates. The young mages go to extreme lengths in order to save their new home.

Book 2 is just as good as the first one. A very easy read but enjoyable. Worth reading if you like fantasy and want to try something light. You can find Tamora Pierce's website here.

Lili, I think King uses that for the shock. Our society sees nothing more important than the protection of our children. So when one is hurt in King's books it just makes it all the more shocking. He uses it to engage the reader in the cell too. The main character is desperate to get home to protect his son.

Zohrah, it's a shame your library doesn't stock as many fantasy books. David Eddings was the first fantasy author I read and I really enjoyed them. I use images in my head when I am reading. I find it really difficult not to. Sometimes I think it is one of the reasons why it is difficult to put a book down.

Timewarden, I have seen the Stand. I can't remember if I had read the book first or if it was after. Either way I enjoyed it. It has been years since I have seen it though. There is an illustrated edition of "The Stand" which I am tempted to get and soon to be an illustrated edition of "Salem's Lot".

Yes! I guess you're right... My fav by King is Charlie. I read it (my first King, so that may also be due to it) 17 years ago and just couldn't put it down...

Goodbye Bert, it was such a pleasure meeting you! Now Karen, I'm looking forward to seeing other snowmen?!...
lots of hugs!
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