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Book Reviews

"The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan

It has been a hard winter in the village of Two Rivers. It has been going on longer than normal and the wolves are now attacking people. The village though is determined to still carry out their spring festival if only to give them some hope. Everyone is excited as a storyteller and a mysterious woman has come to their village. They are then attacked by Trollocks working for the dark lord. Young Rand and his friends find that they are after them and must leave the village with the woman and her guard if they want to survive. But most of all they must leave in order to save the village.

This is book one of a series of about 13. I have to admit that I got bored half way through book one. The characters seemed get to an area only to be chased again. You knew that as soon as they settled for a night or two that this was going to happen. It is quite a large book and at one point I almost gave up as there seemed to be no end in sight. There are a lot of Robert Jordan fans out there so there must be something about this book that is appealing. Sadly I couldn't see it and I doubt that I will ever pick up the others.

"Cell" by Stephen King

It is a beautiful day. Clayton is ready to go home after successfully finalling a deal which will mean the end of financial difficulties for his families. He has other family problems but they don't look so bad on such a lovely day. And that's when things begin to go horribly wrong. People all over the world begin visciously attacking each other or kill themselves. All because they were talking on their cell phone. Clay, Tom and Alice are thrown together in order to survive. Clay's only concern is to get back home and stop his son from using that little red phone he got for his birthday.

I have been looking forward to this books coming out since I first heard about it. Over the last few years Kings books haven't been up to his usual standard. However, this one was supposed to go back to the likes of "The Stand". I wasn't disappointed either. He has left out a lot of the padding he normally added which only adds to the joy of this book. And trust me you will think twice before answering you phone after you have read it. If you like Kings older works you will enjoy this. You can find his website here.

"Assassin's Apprentice" by Robin Hobb

Fitz is the bastard child of the future King. He is taken in by the Kings man and looked after by him. Burrich teaches Fitz everything he knows about animals not realising that Fitz already has a magical link with them. When he is old enough he begins his training as one of the royals. He will never truly be one of them but the King puts plans into place that will make use of Fitz. Fitz is to become a royal assassin and will soon face great danger as he goes on his first mission.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I had heard nothing but good things about the series. However, the thought of reading about assassin's didn't appeal to me. The majority of it is spent describing Fitz life as he grows up. Assassin is just another interesting part of his life which becomes more important later in the book. I recommend it for any fan of fantasy. You can find Robin Hobb's website here.

Look out for more reviews tomorrow. No stitching I'm afraid. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed seeing Bert. He did live a good life (if a short one). We normally don't get enough snow to build snowmen either. Maybe that's a sign that Bert was meant to be.

Thanks for the reviews. I will keep a look out for the Stephen King novel. I enjoyed reading Needful Things sometime ago so will try Cell when I see it. Happy Stitching/Reading
My DH has read the whole Robert Jordan series, but it took him a long time, and he said that sometimes, you just couldn't put it down, whereas other times, he couldn't take it up...
I'm a fan of old King's books, but the fact that kids often ger hurt, or even killed in his books now prevents me from reading him any more. Stupid, but I cant' help... Plus the last ones I read were too predictible...
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, Karen, I always look forward to reading them.
Lots of hugs!
I've read book 1 & 2 of the Robert Jordan (The Eye of The World) series only. It's a bit long-winded at first....halfway I have to put down the book to re-digest the contents.

I get most of the books from the library but eversince they have upgraded or something...most of the books are not around for borrowing. David Eddings are off the shelves (they think the book might be some sort of cult)

You get alot of Terry Prachett books...sadly I'm not a fan.
I forgot to add....the reason why I had to put down the book....too many images in my head. The scenes were clashing.

When I read a book, I have images form in my head...when it clashes..I had to stop, it gives me headache.

Do you read with images?
Have you seen the TV version of "The Stand"?
I'm gald to hear that you like the Stephen King book. I got it for my birthday but, I've not gotten to read it yet. I'll have to move it up a few places in the pile now that I know it's a good one. :)
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