Sunday, March 05, 2006


Bugs Update

Managed to get quite a bit of Bugs done yesterday. I finished his hand, cane and made a good start on the marble post he is leaning on. The aim for this week is to get the marble post finished and then to begin work on the border. It feels like I don't have much more to go but the border is quite large. And then I have to fill in the rest of with half stitches. It's to give it that aged look. Then of course there is the back stitch. I aim to have him finished by the end of next month (I think this month would be pushing it). The colours themselves have been pretty boring but I am still enjoy stitching him. I guess I have just enjoyed watching him appear.

I watched some of "Pom Poko" last night. I would have watched it all but I was too tired and forcing myself to stay awake for it. I have enjoyed what I have watched of it so far. The narrator sounds very much like the voice of Electron from "Futurama". So I have this image of a robot telling the story and I can't get it out of my head. Oddly it hasn't put me off. I am still interested in trying manga if anyone has any advice.

Lili, I hope you enjoy your night even if you are watching a movie that doesn't appeal to you. :)

Just read on slice of scifi that William Shatner is doing a documentary for the History Chanel (I am guessing this will be US only). It will be called "How William Shatner Changed the World". I have to admit I love Shatner and would love to see this. If he had a biography I would most definitely read it. So I have a question out for you all. Is there one person out there (or was one person out there) that you wish had a biography just so that you could read it? Who is that person and why? For me it is my inner geek that cries out for Shatner to have a biography. That and he has done so many things. And there are so many different views on him as a person. I think it would make an interesting read.

Generally speaking, I have never been attracted to a biography, because for obscure reasons, I am CONVINCED that if I get to know better the people I admire, like Tim Burton for instance, the magic will disappear. I need that part of mystery. Besides, although these people are "public" because they hav eprobably chosen it, I would feel like a watcher.
However, I have already read books in which the authors reveal part of their life, like Annie Duperey's "Les chats de hasard", and enjoyed it.
Bugs Bunny is progressing quite fast actually, and I sure understand why the colours don't appeal much to you... although bright colours can be too bright sometimes...
And the movie was filled with emotion, anger, and blood. Not bad, but I was glad I could look at the trout instead of poor soldiers' fake intestines... I sometimes wonder why my DH is so attracted to war movies... Perhaps because he has never touched a gun, even in the army? (compulsory at that time).
Anyway! What are you going to stitch tonight?
Gotta stop telling my life on your blog, really...
Lots of hugs, Karen!
Looking good! seems like you have not far to go now!
The only biography that I ever wanted to read was Tom Baker's, and I must admit it was brilliant, I laughed nearly all the way through :)

Bugs is definately coming along :)

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