Monday, March 06, 2006


Firefly Fairies

Yesterday was Firefly Fairies day. I am slowly working on the pink fairies dress (still think it looks more peach than pink but never mind). On the bottom half I used gold krenik thread and I like the way the two colours look together. You can't really see it from that photo. Once I have finished with the backpiece of the dress I am going to work my way up to her face.

Today it is back to the snowman and I hope to get quite a bit of the sign done and tomorrow it is UFO day. Which means wizard potions will be making an appearance. I have a few days off at the end of the week so I hope to get quite a bit of stitching done in between studying.

Lili, it depends what the biography is like. If it is very personal then I imagine it would be like watching. But if it is mostly about the persons work then it becomes interesting. David Attenborough's "Life On Air" is one of my favourites. It is all about his career which had me hooked from page one. He mentions his famous brother maybe once or twice. And his family are mentioned when he is going to be away from them for so long. But that's it. When I read a biography I want to read about that persons work which is one of the reason I think that Shatner's would be interesting.

Hi natty, I think that Tom Bakers would be a good one. When I read your comment it surprised me that I hadn't read it yet.

Yes, this kind of biography is certainly interesting, indeed!
I wonder how this fairy will look when finished, it seems to be very detailed!
Lots of hugs!
Is this a lavender and lace design?
Great start! And I love Bugs, he's looking so dapper. You are making great progress on him. :D

I read your question about biographies and found it odd that I can't think of one famous person that I am so intensely curious about that I would love to read their biography. Now I can think of a lot of non-famous persons... ;)
Bugs is coming along quite well! And the Firefly fairies, I see what you mean about the colour. But it seems to be shaping up quite nicely as well.
I have Jon Pertwee's "Moon Boots and Dinner Suits" but haven't read Tom Baker's either.

I don't know if there is one but I would like to read Patrick Troughton's, some of the reasons being season five is my favourite year of "Doctor Who", he is the only Doctor I've met, and that occasion was his last appearance in this country in connection with the programme which, coincidentally, was Bonnie Langford's first!
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