Friday, March 10, 2006


Firefly Fairies

I'm afraid I didn't get any work done on Bugs. Just too much to do. Yesterday I did get some work done on the Firefly fairies. You can now see the neckline of her dress and I have even began work on her neck. With any luck the next time you see this I will have her face finished. I am definitely liking the gold with the pink (looks a little more like pink now). I noticed that there are a lot of beads in there though. I am thinking of attaching the beads to each fairy as I finish each of them. Today if I have time it is back to the snowman. I am seeing a friend today so might not be able to get much done. Then tomorrow it is bugs again. I will make a point of working on bugs since he missed out the last time.

San, I only watched some of "Spirited Away" because I fell asleep. It had nothing to do with the film. I was just so tired from work I couldn't help it. I think I missed about half. The DVD was a rental and had to go back the next day. The ex refused to check it back out again as he had seen it all the way through. I will get to see it all eventually. It never occurred to me that stars would do the voice overs until I noticed that Michael Keaton is mentioned on the one about the pilot pig. The wizard is the one that cooks. I have the flying one there too. Always hoped that they would create more wizarding bears.

Lili, we call the books manga and the films anime. Not sure why other than that anime comes from animation.

It's looking good!

Hope you get some rest this weekend! Take care! :D
This is definitely a very beautiful project. The colours are subtle, and I love it very very much.
Lots of hugs!
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