Thursday, March 02, 2006

I got this from Anne

You are autumn, self-actualized and totally

realistic. You concentrate hard on your

studies and work. People look up to your

intelligence and beauty. You look for the

deeper meaning in anything and love helping

out others. Active and accomplished, you like

to keep things organized.

Which Season Are You?
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Zohrah, I've done the spurting beverage through my nose a few times. It is really easy to make me laugh and a few people somehow always manage to do it after I have taken a mouthful of juice. I think it is a mechanism to stop me from choking.

Looks like the idea I have of you! I'll try it too!
I agree that it's not that hard to laugh and have a beverage come out the nose. Like you, bad timing and something funny have caused this to happen to me more than once. And Zorah is right it is painful, but funny too. ;D
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