Sunday, March 12, 2006


It's Snowing!!!

I didn't get much done on the snowman stocking. I did finish off filling in the white of the sign. However, you can't really see that in the photo which is why I haven't bothered taking an update photo.

I finished off the marble post that bugs is leaning on and then made a start on the border. I actually spent more time on him than I mean to yesterday. The border takes longer than it seems but I wanted to get one corner done. Once I finish with the black I get to go back and fill in the spaces with silver. It will be a while before I get to that stage though. I'm liking the black on the white and the pattern the border is taking. It was difficult to put down for that reason alone, it was fun watching it develop. Today it is back to the firefly fairies.

Well it is snowing here in Glasgow. It has actually been snowing for most of the night and we have a good could of inches. I didn't get up in time to take any pretty photos. People have already been out in it and kids have been playing in it. It is still snowing although very lightly. I have to confess I hate the snow. It does look good but I hate going out in it. Plus pretty snow doesn't last long here in Glasgow. It usually turns to slush in a matter of hours which I hate even more than snow. I'm praying that it will be away before I have to leave for work tomorrow. However, I know that isn't going to happen. It's the deepest it has been in a good few years.

I'm not going to end this entry on a moan. So I thought I would mention the Margaret Sherry round robin that San took part in. Most of you have probably read it yourself already but I wanted to link to the page she made for it. Definitely worth a read for anyone wanting to do a RR themselves.

Congrats on your snow!! Bugs looks wonderful!
Wow you have been busy stitching. Bugs looks fab.

We had snow today, but it was all melted by 1pm, the boys wre looking forward to going out to build a snowman and there is no snow oeft never mind lol.

Hugs xxxxx
It snowed in Gloucester too which is almost a miracle!

Like your Kermit mug, mine has several pics of Mister Bean on the outside and says full and half full on the inside!!!
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