Friday, March 24, 2006


It's Spring!

I saw this meme on Rene's blog and couldn't help but copy it. Here is what you do. Type in your birth year on google and then search under images. Chose a photo that you like and then attach it to your blog. I tag everyone for this. The first photo is from a University campus and the bottom half is inside the computer lab. I liked this image because it just screamed 70's. Well, it did to me anyway. The second image is of US floods in 1979. I just really liked this image of a lighthouse.

I have been bad and have done no stitching on my rota. On Tuesday I pulled out Wizards potion and began working away. After a few rows of stitches I noticed that something wasn't quite right. Turns out that the paw I stitched last time is out by one stitch. It means I have to unpick his whole paw as it has too big an effect on his robes not to. Frustrated I tossed it aside. I have been feeling the spring. The air just seems fresher and with the days getting longer too it finally feels like winter is over. So I wanted to stitch something that fit my mood. I was flicking through old editions of magazines when I spotted this freebie from the last ed of Cross Stitch Card Shop. I had been planning on stitching a country companions design for my mum but who could resist little souffle (just as well since two years ago I stitched a cc design for mothers day).

I remember San mentioning that the freebie kits are now calling on stitching with one strand instead of two. This one was like that and it was the first one I had to do that with. The good thing about it was that there was now no chance of running out of thread (which I always seem to do with freebie kits). I also liked the way it looked. More delicate, more spring like! Does that make sense? Hopefully my mum will like it.

The spring feeling hasn't went away and I haven't felt much like going back to my rota. So I have decided to make some Easter cards for my nieces. It's not something I usually do so it will be a nice surprise for them (I hope). I will also look out a card to make for my sister. Don't want her to feel left out!

Thanks for all your comments regarding the snowmen. Since everyone liked the name Ernie so much then Grandson one will now be called Ernie. Nothing much else has been going on. I have been very tired over the last few days. After I stitched the mothers day card and looked for some Easter designs I have really done nothing much else. I have been sleeping a lot and then reading. I also finally bought up all the cross stitch magazines I usually get. I was a bit behind in them and have spent the last few days reading through them. I also decided to start my first subscription to Cross Stitch Card Shop. It is my favourite of them all.

Hi dear Karen,
Thanks for your kind words. As a kid, I never had the chance to have any animal, not even a goldfish, no matter how hard I tried to convince my parents... So now, I have several, and Jam was the first one: he is special, my dream come true. And he's always been up to the task. Let's not bury him yet...
The university campus' computer lab must be early 80ies actually, because I don't think there were computers like that before? I wonder?
Your soufle looks so cute! I have stitched once with one thread, it was Raspberry. This "technique' makes colours more subtle, I like it.
Cross stitch card shop is an interesting choice, indeed. I am hesitating on this one... Do you intend to make reviews like San and Ali? That would be interesting! But I think it requires a lot of work...
Wee, it's really time for me to put my shopping items in the fridge, after this little break on your blog...
Lots of hugs!
Your little spring project looks great. I like the effect too, did you find it hard to stitch w/ just one thread?
Hi Karen! Love your little Souffle..he's a cutie! :) Congrats on starting your first subscription to one of the Uk mags...I used to have one two years ago to Quick and Easy..but it's just too expensive for one now. Almost 100 bucks to get it in the states! OY! Anyhoo, spring hasn't quite arrived here in Va yet...tho it's been's still a bit chilly. In the 40s..but all the flowers are quite determined to bloom anyway..LOL

Sleep and reading is good! It's what I've been doing too! hehe..

Have a great day!


Souffle is so cute! This piece is in my to do pile ever since I did the one of him in the snow ball a few months ago. I should try and get to him soon since Spring is now here.

MMMMM I didn't realize that we were suppose to do the kits with just one strand now. That might explain why I ran out of floss on the cover kit I started a few weeks ago (Peaches from Q&E). :{
Your seventies pictures make me feel old, I remember computers like that!!
Your little Souffle is cute, nice job!
Wow I love that photo of the lighthouse, I am totally obsessed with lighthouses. I must find a cross-stitch picture of one that I like :)
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