Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Kim's Challenge!

Kim challenged us to post our favourite tea/coffee mug. So here is mine. Like Kim I got this mug because of my collection. I collect frog things. Have done since about the start of high school. I have a few other frog mugs but Kermit here is my favourite since I am also a huge muppet fan. I also have a few other Kermit mugs but this one gets used more than the others. Not sure why, it has just always been my favourite. I think it might be because of the little silhouette Kermits in the background. It also says "Think Green" on the back.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Yesterday was UFO day which meant this little bear got some TLC. I finished the hat, his paws and a little section of his cloak. I was going to go on and finish it but realised I was really putting off all the black and grays of his robe. So I decided to make a start on that and leave myself some colour to look forward to. I have one just begun with the grays so I'm not bored with it yet. His little face seems to put a halt on any boredom settling in. Today I am back to Bugs. Although I have some studying to do so I'm not sure exactly how much I will get done.

Crazee4books, thanks for the tip. I have actually watched some of "Spirited Away" and enjoyed what I saw. I did want to see more but never got the chance. I will make a point of it now.

Lili, thanks for your tip too. The booklet that came along with "Pom Poko" was basically filled with adverts for more anime films. A few of them even had descriptions and one of them was the one you described. It did catch my eye at the time and I wondered if it would be good or not. I look forward to trying that one too.

LOL I LOVE your Kermmie mug! It's so adorable! I'm so glad that some people took up the challenge. You find out so many interesting things about people from something as simple as a mug. I never would've guessed that you collect frogs. :D

Your wizard is looking great and his head doesn't seem off kilter any more. LOL He looks great! Can't wait to see more Bugs though. :D
the teddy is adorable. He's coming along nicely. I can see why you'd want to save some colour for later.
What is "part of "Spirited away"? This is my favourite Myazaki film ! I went to see it in the cinema in France (where they convieniently have it in french), and I got the french dvd, and the 2dvd english version (for the great making of).

I'm a Miyazaki fan, but I don't understand why Sky showed Spirited Away in japanese with subtitles? Come on, the english version exists !

It's sad that they are releasing the old movies in japanese only, like nausicaa, when films like Kiki's delivery service anf Mononoke have great guest voices like Minnie Driver, Kirsten Dunst and Gillian Anderson !

Disney is rubbish on that one....

I love your cup, and I love the teddy witch as well. Is it the cooking or the flying one?
That's a great mug!
I think you're right keeping nice colours in prospect for the teddy...
I see that San mentioned Kiki (she's a young witch), it's very cute as well, and not sad at all... Princess Mononoke was fine too, but you have to enter a world of fantasy, which should not be a problem for you... The images are very beautiful.
Sorry, I hadn't understood what anime meant at the beginning, which explains why I thought I couldn't advise any film. We call these films mangas around here... We like to rent some from our video club once in a while...
Hope you enjou stitching Bugs tonight, though it seems that you also have to study... Which of these will appeal to you most?!
Lots of hugs!
Guao, beautiful cup of the frog Renee, beautiful really
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